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Prescott Council Decides on a New City Manager

20 August 2016   Lynne LaMaster

The Prescott City Council has made their final decision on the new City Manager and staff is now negotiating the contract, according to Councilman Jim Lamerson.

Update: The Prescott City Council will vote to approve Michael Lamar, currently the Morgan County, Georgia Manager, as the new City Manager on Monday, August 22 at 9 AM.

“The Council has met with the candidates, and is in negotiation with one. I can’t divulge the final candidate,” Lamerson said. “But, at the end of the day, we’ve got someone coming on board that will help this city.”

Lamerson said that with the four final candidates, the Council was in a “ position.” All of the finalists were excellent candidates, Lamerson explained.

Lamerson credits Mayor Harry Oberg for the process. “If it wasn’t for Harry’s leadership in designing the process, it would have never gone as quickly and smoothly as it did,” Lamerson stated. “The Selection Committee went through 58 resumes and came up with 4 final candidates in less than a month. That’s what leaders do, and Mayor Oberg knows how to delegate responsibility.”

“Seven diverse people [on Council] came to the same conclusion,” Lamerson continued. “I put that solely into Mayor Oberg’s pocket. I know why he was a General in the Iowa National Guard and a Colonel in the Army. There’s a reason why some people get stars on their shoulder, and others get bars.”

Lamerson said that they engaged the community as a whole, bringing in leaders in education, medical facilities and business to offer feedback on the candidates. He said that the Council and Selection Committee considered that input when making their final decision.

Lamerson said that a public announcement is likely today or sometime Monday, after a contract is signed.