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Taking the Pulse During Election Season

19 October 2016  

Hey, Halloween. Move over for Election Season.

There are just 19 days until Election Day as of this writing. Two weeks ago, Donald Trump came to Prescott Valley. According to the Prescott Valley Police, approximately 20,000 people attended the rally, including those that watched inside and those that watched outside on a big screen television.

In response, the Clinton campaign is sending well-known political representatives to Arizona such as Bernie Sanders (in Flagstaff and Tucson on Tuesday), Chelsea Clinton (at ASU’s campus Wednesday) and Michelle Obama at the Phoenix Convention Center on Thursday.

Republican ladies support Trump

Since the Trump visit to this area, the world of presidential politics has whirled and swirled with debates, reports of rumors, polls, audio and video tapes. But that doesn’t seem to affect many Trump supporters in the Prescott area. Despite the release of a tawdry audio tape of Donald Trump, local Republican ladies are strong in their support of the party candidate.

Councilwoman Billie Orr explained why she’s still voting for Trump:

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Students for Trump

Orr wasn’t the only one who was thrilled that Trump came to the Prescott area. Keith Bunn is a senior at Prescott High School. He also interns for Congressman Paul Gosar. Despite many attempts to see Trump during the primaries, it just never worked out. When he heard Trump was coming to the Prescott Valley Event Center, he was determined to attend the rally. He got his tickets as soon as possible, which were later upgraded to VIP status.

“Trump's bid for the White House initially sparked my interest in politics,” Bunn explained. "For this reason also, I will be studying Political Science at ASU next year.”

Once there, Bunn reported, "While waiting in line, I met a couple from Minnesota who was attending. I also met a 23 year old man who was there from North Carolina. There were a few fights that broke out, however I did not see them so I'm not quite sure exactly what happened to provoke those to occur. I did see some protestors, however they mainly kept to their designated protest area.”

Keith Bunn is in the white shirt holding the white Trump Pence sign. Photo by Matt Santos.

"It was the most incredible experience ever,” Bunn continued. "We got VIP so we were able to get right next to the stage (8 feet away from Donald Trump) and it was completely incredible being that close to the man I admire so much. When he came out, I gave him a thumbs up and he gave me one back."

Photo by Keith Bunn

"Mr. Trump spoke on various issues facing the country such as: jobs, the economy and illegal immigration. After the rally, behind the event center, dozens lined the roped off area to see Donald Trump come out of the building and get into the motorcade. During the waiting time, Sheriff Joe Arpaio greeted fans and took photos with them, discussing predominantly illegal immigration.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaking to those waiting for Trump’s appearance. Photo by Matt Hinshaw

"This rally was a unique experience in which I was able to attend history in the making,” Bunn continued. "While watching Mr. Trump, I was fascinated by his incredible movement, and by the surprisingly generous Trump supporters that I met with. Mr. Trump has created an impressive movement in his bid for the White House. I met an honorable disabled veteran who told me his story, and why he supports Donald Trump. I met many women who say that Mr. Trump speaks the truth, and they will support him for his compassionate love for America, and his big heart. I met a Hispanic boy who explained that he supports Trump because he is bringing attention to a problem that is rarely talked about. He told me that he recently became legal and could not wait to cast his first American Vote for Donald J. Trump.”

Predicting the Outcome

At the October Republican Women of Prescott (RWOP) meeting on Monday, women were still wearing Trump pins, shirts and hats. Enthusiasm showed no sign of waning. Tuesday, callers to a local radio talk show on KYCA were still strong in their support and hopeful that Trump could prevail.

In the meantime, reports are that hundreds of supporters attended the Sanders rallies - a far cry from the numbers attending the Trump rallies. A poll released Wednesday morning by the Arizona Republic shows Clinton ahead by 5 points in Arizona, yet when looking at the methodology, Democrat respondents outnumbered Republicans more than 2:1.

Now there are Wikileak dumps, undercover video tapes and new allegations practically every day. Plus rehashed allegations from the past. This has not been a kinder, gentler election season. Toss tonight’s Las Vegas debate into the mix, and it’s safe to say that all bets are off until November 8th, when the people will finally have their say.


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Watch the video of the Trump rally here - from start to finish.