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Trunk Smuggling, Drugs, Fraudulent Documents, 7 Illegal Aliens

11 February 2017   US Customs & Border Protection

Human smuggling, drugs and fraudulent documents

Trunk Smuggling Attempts Stopped

TUCSON, Ariz. – Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents stopped two separate attempts of human smuggling this week, while working immigration checkpoints near Casa Grande and Three Points.

The first incident took place Monday evening near Casa Grande, when an adult U.S. Citizen woman driving a Pontiac sedan was referred for secondary inspection subsequent to a canine alert. During the inspection, agents found a 20-year-old woman and an 18-year-old man, both from Guatemala and illegally present in the United States, concealed in the trunk.

The second attempt was stopped when agents working the immigration checkpoint west of Three Points, referred a U.S. Citizen man and his female passenger for a secondary inspection. With the assistance of a canine, agents found two adult men from Guatemala concealed in the trunk of the Nissan Altima.

In both incidents the U.S. Citizens driving were arrested for human smuggling and the four illegally present Guatemalan nationals are in custody pending removal proceedings in accordance with Tucson Sector guidelines.

Since Jan. 1, 2017, there have been 10 smuggling attempts interdicted within the Tucson Sector area of responsibility, in which the illegal aliens were trapped in the trunks of vehicles without any means of escape. This is a common dangerous tactic amongst smugglers in an attempt to conceal their illicit cargo.

Yuma Border Patrol Seizes Drugs, Fraudulent Documents, and Arrest Seven Illegal Aliens

YUMA, Ariz. – Over a 24-hour period earlier this week, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Wellton Station seized three fraudulent immigration documents, more than 270 pounds of marijuana, and apprehended seven illegal aliens.

Tuesday, three individuals presented false immigration documents to agents assigned to the immigration checkpoint east of Yuma. The individuals were arrested for being illegally present in the United States and the documents were seized.

Soon after, agents arrested four illegal immigrants, south of Wellton, smuggling bundles of marijuana. The marijuana weighed 140 pounds and had an estimated value of nearly $70,000.

In the third event, a canine team assigned to a forward operating base south of Dateland, Ariz., was conducting tracking operations, when the canine alerted to four bundles of marijuana hidden under a thicket of brush. The bundles of marijuana weighed more than 130 pounds and was valued at $65,000.

All individuals, drugs and documents were processed per Yuma Sector guidelines.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the management, control and protection of our nation's borders at and between the official ports of entry. CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.

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