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Jean Wilcox Announces Her Candidacy For Mayor Of Prescott

21 February 2017   Cecelia Jernegan

Jean Wilcox Announces Her Candidacy For Mayor Of Prescott

Prescott City Councilwoman Jean Wilcox filed her Campaign Statement to run for Mayor of Prescott on Tuesday February 21, 2017.  In the fourth year of her term on the Council, Wilcox is ready to step into the role of mayor.  Wilcox says she has a long term vision for Prescott which will require connecting with resources beyond the city’s boundary, securing funding for public safety, and thoughtful planning for future growth in line with the city’s ability to provide basic services and city amenities which residents and visitors enjoy.

During her term on the city council, Wilcox has been an advocate for responsible spending, public safety, preserving open space in the heart of Prescott’s planning area, creating economic and recreation opportunities, and keeping the library as a public resource for all.

When asked why she decided to run for mayor rather than a seat on the council again, she stated, “A mayor is a key figure who should represent the community as a whole rather than a closed circle of advisors.  Under the City’s Charter, the mayor sets the agenda and presides over council meetings.  The mayor has a greater ability than any single councilperson to facilitate the achievement of the community’s goals.  I would like to have more council discussions in public, not behind closed doors.  We’ve hired a creative and experienced city manager who is capable of guiding the council in making policy and managing the many services city employees provide.  Now is an exciting time to move Prescott forward.  There is much work to do and I intend to help get it done.” 

A photo of Geraldine “Jerri” Wagner hangs in the
office of Councilwoman Jean Wilcox.
Wagner was the first woman elected to Mayor in Prescott and in all of Arizona.