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Come to the Sprouts' Grand Opening!

15 March 2017  
Whew! The wait is over. Sprouts opens their doors for business at 7 AM on Wednesday, March 15. 

The Sprouts Prescott store is open and ready for business, or will be at 7:00 A.M. on Wednesday March 15. Come early for the ribbon cutting ceremony, scheduled for 6:45 AM.

During a pre-opening walkthrough, the Sprouts’ spokespeople led us around the store, pointing out its spanking new features while explaining the Sprout’s philosophy and the many advantages of shopping there. Sprouts believes in healthy living for the everyday shopper. That means high quality products at comparable or better prices than other grocery stores. 

Sprouts Passion Statement

There are a number of events planned for this Grand Opening. Everyone shopping in the store on Wednesday will receive a Sprouts Shopping bag. The first 200 people through the door will get 20% off their whole order. 

On Wednesday only there will be a number of vendors demonstrating their products including Mellissa’s Produce.  On Saturday coupons worth five free Deli items (sandwiches etc.) will be distributed. A “Frozen Frenzy”, with a wide selection of frozen products available at 20% off the regular price will run all week. A flyer with the Grand Opening Specials will be available with the regular flyer. One caution, the usual double ad Wednesday will not apply at this store this week, since there was no ad there last week.

The store’s new appearance is stunning. Those of you who shopped at Albertson’s before will be amazed by the light, spacious, airy appearance. The project manager said they removed the floor down to the dirt and the ceiling to right under the roof. Then they rebuilt to suit themselves. The floor is especially nice. The layout of the store is very similar the the Sprouts in Prescott Valley, but with some new additions like the Sushi Bar and the Salad Bar. There is a seating area up by the front windows with lots of power and charging outlets.

Sprouts in Prescott expects to have a number of shoppers coming in for lunch and dinner. In addition to the sushi and salad there is the well stocked Deli, including the usual sandwiches plus many prepared foods. The Sprouts aim is to be a healthy grocery store for everyday shoppers. 

Of course the centerpiece of a Sprouts store is the Produce, and the Prescott store does not disappoint. From the Organic fruits to the heaps of variously colored cauliflower to the crisp packages of green beans and peppers, the store is full of healthy food choices at reasonable prices. 

One thing worth mentioning is the very well stocked bulk spice area. The jars are full of the freshest ground and whole spices, not just the usual cinnamon and thyme leaves, but some very nicely priced dried mushrooms, both Porcini and Shitaki, The regular bulk bins are also brimming with nuts, whole grains and every good thing.

Below you will find some of the special prices available as part of the grand opening  celebration. So come out and welcome this newest addition to the Prescott  food scene. Look for the special “Grand Opening” sales signs.

$.88/each—Strawberries, l lb box
$.88/each—Ripe Pineapples
$.88/lb—Pork shoulder roast, in bag, limit 2
$.99/each—C2O Coconut Water, 17.5 fl. oz
$5.99/each—Olive Oil,1 qtr, extra virgin, Sprouts Brand
$2.00/dz—Eggs, Sprouts Cage-Free
$.50/each—Brown Cow Yogurt, select varieties

If You Go:

What: Sprouts Grand Opening

Where: 174 E. Sheldon Street, Prescott (in the Depot Marketplace)

When: Ribbon Cutting at 6:45 AM, March 15. Doors open at 7 AM.



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