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County Slash Drop-Off Program Begins April 1

30 March 2017   Marcie Slay | Yavapai County Emergency Management

The Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management with support from the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors is strongly recommending that all residents prepare for the 2017 fire season by being “FIREWISE.

Wildfires are never out of season and now is the time to create defensible space around your home. Cut away vegetation 5 to 30 feet from all structures. Remove all debris and dead vegetation from roofs, decks, and the ground around your home. Please remember to be cautious of sparks as you are cutting and trimming.

The annual FREE slash (brush, branches, grass, leaves and yard trimmings) drop-off program is available at county transfer stations for two months beginning April 1st, running through June 1st, 2017. County transfer stations are located in Black Canyon City, Camp Verde, Congress, Mayer, Paulden, Seligman, and Skull Valley. Free slash drop off will be held during normal operating hours. For locations and hours please visit:

Please take advantage of the free slash drop-off program as you create defensible space around your properties.

The following items only will be accepted: brush, branches, grass, leaves and yard trimmings. Items not accepted are: lumber, stumps, roots, cactus, metal and garbage. All slash must be removed from plastic bags.

Firewise preparations should also include having a plan in place before you are told to evacuate. The American Red Cross has some great online tools:

Using the “Five P”s is a great start to make sure you don’t leave anything important behind.

  • PRESCRIPTIONS – Have a week’s supply of all individuals’ medications and eyeglasses ready.

  • PETS – Food, water, tags, pet carrier or livestock transportation standing by.

  • PAPERS – Money, important documents and records should be kept together for quick access.

  • PICTURES – irreplaceable memories and items.

  • PHONES & COMPUTERS – Information on hard drives and disks as well as charging devices.

For more ideas and suggestions please visit:

We highly encourage residents to sign up with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Emergency Notification System to be notified during emergency situations at:

It’s Too Late, When Told To Evacuate! BE FIREWISE