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It's Official: Mary Beth Hrin's Campaign Starts Strong

26 May 2017  

On Tuesday, Mary Beth Hrin turned in 1617 petition signatures to Prescott’s City Clerk, more than twice as many as required.

After turning in her signatures, Hrin took the opportunity to thank her supporters. 

Wednesday evening saw Hrin gathered at Cupper’s Bistro in front of close to 70 supporters, launching her campaign as a candidate for Mayor for the City of Prescott.

“I’m truly humbled by the amount of people that showed up,” Hrin said. “I’m thrilled about their questions, everything. It’s really invigorating to be around people that want to learn. A lot of new people here, people I haven’t seen before."

"I think what really encourages me, somebody said to me, 'Well, Mary Beth, you're known in the community as someone who does their homework," Hrin continued. "I think that's what's most important to me, is really to get the voter informed on any topic. Whether it's the structured sober living homes, economic development, why we're doing things at the airport, but on the top for me, of course, is PSPRS."

marybeth atcuppers

"It's so important for people to make informed decisions. I don't and I won't tell people how to vote on [Prop] 443, I just really want to get the information out there and have them vote their conscience."

As for her position on Prop 443? Hrin responded, "We need the revenue. I support the tax; my problem is that I can't come out with that group and come with full support of the group because there is absolute mis-information on what they are putting forth before the pubic."

Asked again if she supports the tax because of the necessity for the revenue, Hrin answered, "Yes. Absolutely."

However, she was clear that she was not aligning herself with the Stand for Prescot group, "Because... When they put before the public that they are going to pay this liability off in ten years or sooner, their numbers on a sheet of paper, absolutely not true. I've looked at them, I've tried to talk to the people in that group, and I've showed them the charts that the City has put out and showed that it's a mathematical impossibility. They still will continue to put those numbers before the public... When that claim does not come true in 6,7,8 years, I don't want them to blame the officers, it's not fair."

Regarding the sober living homes, Hrin thinks they've made some real progress, but believes that more is needed. 

"What excites me... is that this is the most educated group of voters," Hrin said. "The Republican Party in Yavapai County is known for having the most educated electors, and I think that more than ever I see people really wanting to know. I think now they're going to take a look at the candidates, I think they're going to learn about the public pension, and I think they're really going to get involved."

Hrin, who has never held political office before, is nonetheless a familiar face amongst those interested in political matters. She’s been heavily involved in helping to craft legislation for Structured Sober Living Homes, as well as matters regarding the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System. Hrin also helped both Prescott Mayor Harry Oberg and Representative Noel Campbell run successful campaigns in their political races.

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.