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Heroes Celebrated At Memorial Day Ceremonies Across City

30 May 2017  
Flags were placed on each grave at the Prescott National Cemetery for Memorial Day on Monday May 29th, 2017 in Prescott, Arizona. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham
Memorial Day Ceremonies at Citizen's Cemetery and Prescott National Cemetery Honor Those Who Lost Their Lives In Defense of Freedom

PRESCOTT- Having just moved to Prescott from Wisconsin in December, Stephanie Birkhoff and her family were looking for Memorial Day events and found the annual ceremony which takes place at the Citizen’s Cemetery.

“It’s beautiful the way that’s it’s presented,” said Birkhoff who currently serves in the Army. “All of the history that’s shared and treated with such respect and regard, it’s really one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever seen for this day.”

Birkhoff was part of hundreds who honored those who laid down their life for the protection of the United States at Memorial Day events which took place around Prescott on Monday.

“It honors the people I knew in Vietnam and lost,” said Prescott Mayor Harry Oberg who served in Vietnam and was a speaker at the Citizen’s Cemetery ceremony. “Some came home, some are missing and I think it’s great that we honor those who have fallen for our country.”

Meanwhile at the Prescott National Cemetery Remembrance Ceremony, fellow Vietnam Veteran and current Arizona State District One Representative Noel Campbell shaired a tearful speech about two friends lost due to the war. Navy LTJG James Romanski was killed in duty while Campbell’s other friend Army Corporal Bruce Wheeler killed himself in 2016 after years of trauma.

“The day is cathartic, it focuses you to appreciate how lucky you are,” Campbell said after the ceremony. “War is a random business…it’s like lightning bolts hit around you and you don’t know why you’re not hit and your friends are hit.”

“There’s no reason to it but you just thank God that you’ve had the life you’ve had, I’ve had.”

Both cemeteries had American flags and flowers placed on the sites of those who perished to keep the United States free with all branches being honored.