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Christian Pearson's Final Gift

12 June 2017   Lt. Vince Schaan

Christian Pearson’s tragic death brings hope for others.

The investigation is ongoing and further processing of information and evidence continued through the weekend and will continue this week as well. Chino Valley Police have spoken to the biological father, Mr. Pearson, and he has authorized the release of his son, Christian Pearson’s name.

The day of the incident, June 8, 2017, Julianna Moreno and Daniel Terry were having a yard sale at their residence in the 1200 block of Poco Ln. It has been reported to us that several people attended the yard sale throughout the day. Chino Valley Police Department would like to talk to everyone that attended the yard sale on June 8, 2017. If you attended the yard sale on Poco Ln. please contact Chino Valley Police Department and request to speak to a Detective.

The abuse and injuries suffered by Christian on June 8, 2017 were fatal injuries; due to thOse injuries he sustained, Christian died at 10:26 pm on June 11, 2017. The hard work and dedication by the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority staff as well as LifeLine Ambulance were paramount in keeping Christian alive so that his family had time to see him one more time. Christian gave the one thing taken from him; he gave life through organ donation.

The Chino Valley Police Department has been in contact with the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office throughout this investigation and we have requested the charges against Julianna Moreno, Christian’s mother, and Daniel Terry be upgraded to First Degree Murder in the death of Christian Pearson.

This incident has affected many in this community and we appreciate, as does Mr. Pearson, all the prayers, cards and show of support that has come in. All cards, stuffed animals and other gifts delivered to the Chino Valley Police Department will be delivered to Mr. Pearson.

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