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Public Safety Departments Practice Disaster Scenario

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Prescott Fire Department's Kevin Keith (left) and Tye Seets (right) carry out Carlo Pastore who acted as a victim who got impaled during the drill on Thursday August 10th, in Prescott, Arizona. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham

Public Saftey Departments Faced with Putting Out A Fire and Treating Individuals Acting Out Injuries, Casualties During Drill

PRESCOTT- As part of the every three-year drill requirement set forth by the FAA (Federal Aviation Association), multiple public safety departments from across Yavapai County simulated the aftermath of a plane crash at Ernest A. Love Field Thursday morning, August 10th.

“It’s critical that we have this opportunity to practice,” Prescott Fire Department Division Chief Cory Moser said. “The only way you can be prepared for these low frequency, high risk types of calls is to go out and practice what you would do in that moment.”

The scenario detailed a blade from the left propeller of a place that took of separated and resulted in the distortion of the left engine nacelle, excessive drag, loss of wing lift and reduced directional control. It continued to state the pilots attempted to land the plane but the landing gear failed after impacting a drainage area and seriously reduced the speed of the aircraft. Using a bus to simulate a plane, the responding teams had to treat multiple individuals acting out injuries, handle casualties and put out a fire.

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“It gives us another opportunity to interface with our partners in a different environment as well,” said Moser, mentioning the various teams work together but not often in this type of format. “The command structure that’s attached to a mass casualty incident needs to be excised so that when all these different agencies show up, they know who’s in charge, who to report to and common terminology. That way when we show up...we are all playing from the same game book and know how to work smother.”

The victims were portrayed by various community support group members who serve a number of different jobs for the community in an emergency situation such as evacuations, communications and animal rescue.

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“We are trained in some of this stuff so by doing it, we are kind of acting out things we’ve been trained for,” CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member Carlo Pastore said. “We are kind of aware of some of the things that should be happening.”

“We are able to give feedback based on knowing to some extent what things should be done,” Pastore continued.

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Not only assisting in training such as the drill performed Thursday morning, the various emergency response community organizations provide a tremendous resource for public safety departments.

“When we have an incident, the burden is not solely on fire department, police department,” Moser said. “This is out of the goodness of their heart. People wanting to help their community, help their neighbors, and they realize that there is a heavy load that is placed on public safety in terms of making sure people get taken care of.”

Moser said the Prescott Fire Department has been a part of the drill for years and also participate in various other drills throughout the year.

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