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Everything You Wanted To Know About Tonight's Election

29 August 2017  

Everything you wanted to know about tonight's election... Except the winners. That comes after 8.

Editor’s Note: This page will be updated throughout the day. 

Mayor's Race:

Runoff election between Greg Mengarelli and Jean Wilcox.

Council Candidates: All will have to go on to a runoff election. 

Prop 442 - the Home Rule passed.

Prop 443 - 3/4¢ sales tax passed.




Update - 4:27 PM:

Total Votes: 15,898

Democratic 3,472
Green 36
Libertarian 66
Republican 8,210
Other/Declined 4,114

The latest ballot counts are in for the City of Prescott election that takes place today. If you have not voted yet, there is still time. Take your ballot to either the County building drop box at 1015 Fair Street or City Hall by 7 PM for it to be counted. 

Candidates to vote on: 

Mayor’s Race

Mary Beth Hrin

Greg Mengarelli

Jean Wilcox

Council Seats (vote for 3)

Steve Blair

Connie Contalme

Phil Goode

Greg Lazzell

Ashley Scholl

Joe Viccica

Prop 442:

Home Rule: 

A Yes vote would allow an extension of the alternative expenditure limitation for the City of Prescott.

Prop 443:

.0075% sales tax, with the proceeds to be dedicated solely to paying down the unfunded PSPRS pension liability. The tax would sunset in 10 years or when the liability is paid down to no more than $1.5M.

A Yes vote would approve the tax. 

Watch the Election Results with the candidates!

Mary Beth Hrin and Phil Goode

Far From Folsom, 214 S. Montezuma St., Prescott
6-9 PM 
No-Host bar, and a $5 cost for a Taco Bar

Greg Mengarelli, Steve Blair, Connie Cantelme, Greg Lazell, Alexa Scholl, Joe Viccica & the Yes on 443 Crew

Palace Restaurant & Saloon, 120 S. Montezuma St., Prescott
Hors D’Oeruvres, No Host Bar

Jean Wilcox:

The Raven, 142 N. Cortez St., Prescott
7 PM

Ballot Returns

Ballots were mailed to 29,005 registered voters, about a 10% increase over 2015, the last time an election was held for the City of Prescott. 

As of 10:45 AM:

Total ballots returned: 14,363 (49.5%)

It is a non-partisan race, but here’s the breakdown by party:

Democratic: 3,123

Green: 35

Libertarian: 60

Republican: 7,463

Other/Declined: 3,682

Looking at Prop 2015

Here are some interesting factoids from 2015:

Mailed ballots: 26,352

Ballots cast: 15,250 (57.8%)

Votes for Mayor: 14,342

Harry Oberg: 7267

Dan Fraijo: 7075

Votes on a .55% sales tax for PSPRS: 14,953

No: 8400

Yes: 6553

Steve Sischka: 10,142

Billie Orr: 9523

Lamerson: 8515

There was one official write-in candidate.


Take-aways (In no particular order):

1. There was not a registered Democrat running for Mayor or Council on the ballot

2. The marketing and promotion of the .55% tax was very low key compared to this year’s marketing in favor of 443.

3. The three high vote getters of 2015 are all campaigning in favor of 443.

4. More people voted on the .55% tax in 2015 than voted for Mayor or Council.

5. There are no write-in candidates in 2017

6. To match the 2015 ballot return percentage, a total of 16,765 ballots will need to be returned by 7 PM tonight. 


Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.