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And Then There Were Five... Lazzell Withdraws From Election

07 September 2017  

Greg Lazzell withdrew from the Council election on September 5.

At the end of Election night on August 29, none of the six candidates for Council received at least 50% +1 of the vote. That meant they all advanced to the General Election in November. 

But now, according to City of Prescott Clerk Maureen Scott, there are only five candidates vying for a council seat. Incumbent Greg Lazzell dropped out of the race on Tuesday.

During the long campaign season, it was obvious that the issue of paramount concern for Lazzell was the passage of Prop 443. On more than one occasion, Lazzell stated that even if he lost the election, if Prop 443 passed, he felt he would have done his job.

When the votes were tabulated on August 29, Prop 443 did pass - with a comfortable margin of more than 7%. But, Lazzell received fewer votes than any of the other candidates.

Phil Goode: 7286

Alexa Scholl: 7224

Steve Blair: 6922

Connie Cantelme: 5920

Joe Viccica: 5605

Greg Lazzell: 5445

Lazzell also spent less money on his campaign than any other candidate – so little that he didn’t even have to file a Statement of Organization with the City. Scott explained that candidates who spend less than $1100 on their campaigns are not required by law to file the extra paperwork.

The General election will take place in two months on November 7.

Lynne LaMaster

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