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Phoenix Suns Provide Mile High Middle School New Court

01 October 2017  
The Phoenix Suns and Mile High Middle School holds a pep rally on Thursday, September 28th, 2017 to dedicate the new court in honor of the Suns' 50th season. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham

Prescott Mile High Middle School One of Fifty Courts Donated In Honor of Phoenix Suns' 50th Season

PRESCOTT- In honor of the Phoenix Suns’ 50th season, Suns’ Managing Partner Robert Sarver and Phoenix Suns Charities are spending one million dollars to build, refurbish or replace 50 courts across the state of Arizona so that future generations can enjoy the sport of basketball safely. Mile High Middle School was the only middle school to receive a new court from the Suns after contractor Floyd Shelton of Arizona Gym Floors recommended the school due to the previous court’s condition.

“(Mile High Middle School) really needed it,” Shelton said. “The court looks great, kids love it. It’s pretty cool for the kids to see the transition from the old to the new, and obviously, have a much safer and nicer floor to play on.

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Executive Director of Phoenix Suns Charities Sarah Krahenbuhl sent Shelton a list of 150 applicants and the court at Mile High Middle School was important to Shelton.

“We put them (Mile High Middle School) at the top of the list because we trusted his (Shelton) opinion,” Kranhenbuhl said. “We were looking for courts that really needed it and that would really impact kids and offer them a safe place to play the sport that we love.”

Arizona Gym Floors will continue to contract with Mile High Middle School to keep the court pristine and Shelton predicts the court will last between twenty and thirty years.

“(I told the kids) these types of projects don’t happen by themselves,” said Mile High Middle School Principal Mark Goligoski, adding his appreciation of the county school’s grant writing. “They (the Suns) were really so sincere in wanting to help us out. We just can’t thank them enough.”

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The new court continued the strong partnership between the Phoenix Suns and northern Arizona as professional basketball was brought to the area in 2016 with Prescott Valley becoming the home of the Suns’ G-League team Northern Arizona Suns.

“It’s a very important community to us, it always has been,” Krahenbuhl said. “Now it’s even more amplified (with the NAZ Suns) and we are proud to support the entire community.”

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Goligoski believes the heavy presence of the Suns’ organization in the area provides role models to children in northern Arizona who hope to someday suit up in the black and orange.

“Basketball is a popular sport in this town,” Goligoski said. “For them to see what it takes to get to that level and actually interact with the players who have put in the time and work to make that happen, makes it more real than what they see on TV.”

The Suns and the school partnered to have a pep rally celebrating the new court on Thursday, September 28th, as Suns personnel played games with the kids.