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Largest Crowd Ever at 2017 Boot Drop

02 January 2018  

If you only had one word to describe the final hours of 2017 in the local Prescott area, it would have to be “fireworks”.

There was more than one New Year’s Eve celebration in the quad-city area, and that meant fun for all to share. 

According to the Association of Mature American Citizens, the Babylonians started the tradition of New Year's celebrations. About 4000 years ago, they began the year with an eleven day celebration in order to get in good with their gods. Well, in the Quad City area, thankfully, we don't stretch it out over 11 days, but we still cram a lot into one night of exhilaration!

In Prescott Valley, families came to enjoy fire trucks, police cars, outdoor games and bonfires with hot chocolate and s’mores. Prescott Valley is kicking off their 40th Birthday, and this was the beginning of many celebrations planned for 2018. At 8:30, the first fireworks of the evening began. 

After that celebration, if one happened to be driving to Prescott to take part in the Whiskey Row Boot Drop, they might have seen another round of fireworks coming from the Prescott Resort. The 5 in the Wheel Band performed for a New Year’s Eve Party, while Casino-sponsored fireworks took place at 9 PM.

Boot Drop

The biggest celebration happened in downtown Prescott, where thousands of people gathered on Whiskey Row to say goodbye to 2017 and greet 2018 as the clock ticked past midnight. 

People stood shoulder to shoulder, at both 10 PM and midnight as they waited for the Boot Drops. M&M Productions provided music and entertainment as people danced in the street, cheered loudly and watched the Boot Drop. Crowds overflowed from the street to the Courthouse square and the sidewalks in front of Whiskey Row. 

“The crowds are amazing,” said Matt Brassard, owner of M&M Productions and also Matt’s Saloon. Brassard had a special vantage point, as he was on the roof for the Boot Drops. "This is the largest we've ever had."

These photos from Brassard give a birdseye view:




This is Prescott (subscribe to her site, you'll enjoy it!) produced a very fun video of the event:

Certainly the nice weather provided impetus for the event - temperatures were in the 30’s, but it was dry, and with a few layers of clothing, it didn’t seem that cold. Since there is no admission charge, the event is cost-friendly for families. This event has been growing in the six years since it started, and it’s reputation is spreading throughout the state, and even across the country. Before each drop, the crowd was asked to cheer - once for fans in Chicago, and once for a live stream on the Weather Channel.

Besides the foodtrucks, ferris wheel and arcade-style games offered on the street, the music gave plenty of opportunities for dancing and celebration. Right after the 10 PM Drop, hometown favorite and former X-Factor contestant Drew Ryn performed live for about 35 minutes in front of fans from young to old. 

And more fireworks accompanied each drop, bursting over the Boot as the crowd cheered and danced. 

Happy 2018! Have a blast this year!

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.