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Food Truck Court May Arrive Soon in Chino Valley

16 August 2018  

Conditional Use Permit in Chino Valley.

 CHINO VALLEY, AZ- The Chino Valley Town Council approved a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a food truck court during the August 14, 2018 council meeting, opening the possibility of a three-truck food court at 246 N Highway 89, Chino Valley, AZ. 

The proposal was submitted by property owner Bruce Eldredge, who asked for and received a two-year CUP for the project. 

Before approving the CUP, council members received clarification on several aspects of the CUP from Eldredge, Town Planner Alex Lerma, and Public Works Director Frank Marbury. 

Among the items council members asked about were amount of parking spaces, parking lot surface, ingress and egress concerns, and restroom facilities available. 

Town staff included the following conditions to the CUP: 

1) All food trucks shall be located in the designated food truck court area shown on site plan. 

2) Food trucks shall be limited to up to three (3) food truck subject to Development Services site plan approval. 

3) Trash and recycle receptacles shall be provided on site and must be emptied and maintained. 

4) Paved access shall be provided between the parking area and the food truck court.

Eldredge stated that he would complete required improvements soon and begin selecting his vendors as soon as possible. Vendors will be required to obtain a 1-year lease, hold a current business license, and meet all health department requirements as set out by Yavapai County. 

Also approved during the Aug. 14th Council Meeting was a proposal to spend approximately $900.00 for the purchase of United States flags to line State Route 89. Currently Chino Valley American Legion Post 40 places flags along a portion of the highway on Flag Day and other national holidays. 

Local business owner Jeff Champ had asked Council to consider paying for a portion of the cost to purchase the flags during the Call to the Public portion of the July 24, 2018 Council Meeting. 

Champ offered to pay one half of the cost ($1,792.00) if the Town would pay the other half ($896.00). With the approval and purchase, the American Legion will now be able to extend the placement of flags to a larger area of the highway. 

A full copy of the food truck proposal, the flag purchase agreement, and the rest of the agenda is available at