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Ken Bennett Heads to Court

27 August 2018  

Ken Bennett cries foul.

Update from Ken Bennett: 

AZSOS ordered to re-open portal at 5:00 PM to allow $5 contributions online for Bennett after closing it hours before the original deadline.

Contribute $5 for Bennett now before it closes again at 9 PM!

It is important to follow these steps exactly:

  • Have your Drivers License and Debit/Credit card or PayPal information ready.
  • IMPORTANT: Do NOT hit the BACK button... EVER!

PAGE 1: You will enter your Driver's License info

PAGE 2: (This is where the errors occur) - you must uncheck the PAYPAL box if you are using a card.

PAGE 3: Depending on your payment option - you will get a confirmation that it was successful as well as an e-mail.

If you are not sure that your payment was successful - please call the campaign right away! We can verify if it was successful or not. We have volunteers available to help tonight. If everyone is busy - leave a message so that we can call you back ASAP!


We have been told the CCEC system has not been updated since 2011!  This is outrageous and explains so many of the problems that you encountered.  Please continue to send any difficulty you had donating the $5.00 and if you think you gave, please verify you did. 

A common problem many experienced is the system saying they gave when they did not give.  If you had this problem or any problem, please let me know at

Thank you!

Former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a Republican candidate for Governor, claims that he was denied a last-ditch opportunity to raise the needed donations for his Clean Elections campaign. 

According to Bennett, the Arizona Secretary of State’s office erred when they shut down the online portal for donations early. 

In an emailed newsletter, Bennett explained, "We were just shy of the 4,000 required to qualify for the funding, and building a buffer, when the AZ Secretary of State shut down the online portal seven hours early! I have filed a complaint and asked for the portal to be reopened."

That's why Bennett is in court this Monday morning, asking for the donations portal to be reopened in his behalf. Here's his emailed update:

 Part of Bennett's concern is that the technology used for collecting contributions is dated. Bennett explains, "The AZSOS is still using the online contribution system that has been in place seven+ years.

"To put that in context the top phones in 2011 were the iPhone4 / 3GS / 4S and the Blackberry Curve 8530 and the top computer according the CNET was the ASUS Zenbook with an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM described as giving 'a blistering performance' with the 256GB solid state disk drive of the MacBook Air lauded as super-fast."


Lynne LaMaster

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