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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: September 25, 2018

25 September 2018  

 It's time for the live update of the Prescott City Council. Study session at 1 PM, voting meeting at 3 PM.



Agenda Packet 



Roll Call


Presentation on the Big Chino Valley Pump Storage Project.

The presentation is being done by Brian D. Studenka, Director, Engineering & Policy

Pride themselves on being a responsible company. 

Energy challenges include a power generation mix. 

Will put out 2K Megawatts, about 1/2 the size of Palo Verde.

Can go from 2K Watts of generating electricity, to 2K watts of generation - multiple times a day. 

20% loss with this system. 

They have not purchased the property yet. They are waiting to get an approval from the federal government. 

Bad news: This guy talks really fast, and it's about stuff that I don't really understand.

Good news: We are recording it, and will upload it to YouTube tomorrow.  

Lamerson asks where the protection for the assured water rights of the City of Prescott?

"I want to make sure our water rights aren't compromised, and if they are, you're going to fix them," Lamerson said. 

 Studenka says they want to do a project that will make the area better than before they came. 

"I appreciate your being here, and I appreciate the open dialog," Lamerson said. "The farther we go down the pike, I want to know what the word 'mitigation' means."

The representative says they will have more information on mitigation efforts the first part of next year. 

Councilwoman Billie Orr points out that the City of Prescott is spending millions of dollars on collecting data, and wants to ensure this project isn't affecting our testing."

She asks about shade balls - which help reduce evaporation. Here is a link to explain that:

Here is their website for further information:

Council Memo Printout


Voting Meeting



Agenda Packet 



3. INVOCATION  Patty Yarbro, Stake Young Women's President with Latter Day Saints

4. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE  Councilwoman Scholl

5. ROLL CALL  Roll Call

Watch the meeting live here, courtesy of Prescott Media Center



A. "Fire Prevention Week" - October 7 to 13, 2018 

Read by Councilman Steve Blair. 

B. Domestic Violence Awareness Month - October 2018 

Read by Mayor Greg Mengarelli.

C. Hope Fest Arizona's "Love IS the Evidence Day" - September 29, 2018 D. Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour Celebration - October 5, 6, and 7, 2018

Read by Councilwoman Billie Orr.


D. Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour Celebration - October 5, 6, and 7, 2018

Read by Councilwoman Alexa Scholl. 

7. PRESENTATION  Certificate of Appreciation to Kevin Costa for his Life Saving Efforts

Read by Councilwoman Billie Orr, who was on the scene 


A. Approval of draft minutes for the August 28, 2018 Study Session, the August 28, 2018 Voting Meeting, and the September 11, 2018 Voting Meeting. 

Council Memo Printout  

a. August 28, 2018 Study Session Meeting Minutes  

b. August 28, 2018 Voting Meeting Minutes  

c. September 11, 2018 Voting Minutes 

B. Approval for Earth Resources Corporation (ERC) to perform Sunday and night work on Carleton Street and the Montezuma Street alleyway between Carleton and Goodwin Streets, 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. between October 6 and October 14, 2018.  

Council Memo Printout  

a. Safe Routes Granite Night Work - Exhibit 1 

Phil Goode had this pulled, and notes that he is concerned that the notification for this project is not being done properly. He thinks business owners could be damaged by the project. It's for the alleyway parallel to Montezuma from Carleton to Goodwin, next to the Mile High Football field. 

The City is the financial agent for this project, a grant received by Safe Routes to School. The alley will become a one-way street. 

This grant is from 2009.

Staff approved the one-way route heading Northbound. 

Ian Mattingly said he personally talked to the owners for the alley. They hit a gas line - this is actually an ADOT contract with ERC. 

"I'm here today, we're in process," Mattingly said.  ADOT will continue the project, it will take place during the day if the nightwork is not approved, Mattingly added. 

We'll try to do better, he said.

Lamerson asked if these improvements will make it safer for students. Mattingly said yes. 

They will work day and night. 


C. Award IFB #2018-158 (City Contract No. 2019-104) for Window Replacement at the Library building to Commercial Glass Company in the amount of $32,960.78. Facilities Management has in it's FY19 budget, fund to effect this window replacement.  

Council Memo Printout  

a. Library-Commercial Glass 

D. Adoption of Resolution No. 2018-1655 approving Amendment No. 5 of an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Highland Pines Domestic Water Improvement District, City Contract No. 1997-176A5. 

Council Memo Printout  

a. Resolution No. 2018-1655  

b. Location Map  

c. Amendment No. 5 of the Highland Pines Domestic Water Improvement District IGA (City Contract No. 1997-176A5)

Councilman Goode asked to have A & B pulled. See discussion above. The other items passed unanimously. 

After discussion, items A&B were also approved unanimously. 



1. Public Hearing and consideration for a Location Transfer Series 7 Beer & Wine Bar liquor license application from Theresa June Morse, applicant, for Pizza Hut LLC; DBA: Pizza Hut. Location: 1512 Willow Creek Road, Suite C.   

Council Memo Printout   


b. R19-1-702

Passes unanimously. 


A. Approval of a $50,000.00 donation to the Granite Mountain Hotshot Memorial Partnership for the creation of a memorial to be located at the Courthouse Plaza. Funding is available in the General Fund.  

Council Memo Printout  

a. Photo 1  

b. Photo 2  

c. Photo 3 

Brad Fain makes the presentation. 




B. Approval of Amendment No. 2 to City Contract 2017-291A2 with Traffic Safety Inc. in an amount not to exceed $150,000.00 per year.  

Council Memo Printout  

a. Contract Amendment One - 2017-291 A1  

b. Annual Pavement Marking Council Memo 2017   

c. City Contract 2017-291 

C. Award of City Contract No. 2019-100 to Fann Contracting, Inc for the Zone 16 Tank, Pump Station and Water Main Project, in the amount of $7,381,347.75. Funding is available in the Water and Streets Funds.  Council Memo Printout 

a. Zone 16 Location Map




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