Today: Oct 22 , 2019

A Public Appeal to the Citizens of Yavapai County: We Need Your Help

18 October 2018   Barbara Fox-Thomas

Yavapai County seeks assistance in identifying WWI veteran names.

A proclamation honoring and remembering the fifty-five Prescott High School fallen soldiers on Veterans Day, November 11, 2018 is under construction by researcher and historian Betty Bourgault. If the proclamation is approved, it will be read at the Board of Supervisors Meeting held on November 7, 2018.

Betty is seeking any additional names and family contacts of those high school students who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces from the following wars: Word War I and II, Korean, Vietnam and the Global War on Terror. It would be very unfortunate, if a single veteran, who deserves to be honored, fails to be acknowledged, simply because he or she was unknown to this project. Betty is, also, looking to find photos of these fallen heroes, either a yearbook photo or one in a military uniform.

Following is the list of the 55 Prescott High School students known to this project:

WWI: Howard M. Draper, Ernest A. Love, Howard E. Morrow, and Jacob K. Theobald.

WWII: William S. Allee, Raul J. Berumen, William C. Boom, Clifton A. Collins, Claude L. Diskin, Raymond Earle, Richard E. Espinosa, Russell B. Felton, Thomas C. Hawke, Edward M. Hines, Raymond Howard, Wesley A. Kleinkauf, Chester A. Knight, Jr., Johnnie Kuban, John McCarty, Robert D. Madrid, George A. McKenzie, Gail C. McLain, Robert A. Metzger, Paul W. Nye, Donald D. Pearsall, Robert M. Perkins, William E. Price, Albert L. Pruitt, Charles K. Pyatt, David R. Salazar, Frank Sardou, Frank Schiel, Jr., William H. Stevens, Douglas G. Stratton, Rudolph Tezak, Gale M. Tinney, Frank S. Turner and Owen Weldon Watkins.

KOREAN: Jesse M. Gaitan, and Juan Rivera.

VIETNAM: Fortino J. Apolinar, Henry D. Banks, Howard R. Bisjak, James Scott Brown, Steven W. Dundas, James W. Fenton, Larry L. Hobbs, William H. Hollmen, David A. Johnson, William Arun Jordan, William Everett Martin, John J. Roberts and Antonio G. Yescas.

GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR: Stephen J. Raderstorf.

Please contact Betty Bourgault at or 781-413-6710.

For information regarding this press release, you may contact Barbara Fox-Thomas, Executive Assistant @ (928) 442-5616