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Schematic Design for New PRC Airport Terminal Ready for Approval

15 December 2018   Lynne LaMaster

New Prescot Regional Airport Terminal Phase I design ready for approval and transmittal.

During the last scheduled voting meeting of 2018 for the Prescott City Council, a new terminal design will be considered for approval and transmittal to the Federal Aviation Administration for review and comment. 

On the Council meeting agenda, Consent agenda Item #7G:

According to the memo, the Prescott Regional Airport needs a new terminal for several reasons, including:

  • Lack of passenger queuing space
  • Lack of airline operating space
  • Lack of security processing space (and the prevention of integration of new security technology)
  • Lack of landside facilities
  • Antiquated and/or undersized utilities
  • Portions of the existing terminal complex are situated within current and future protected airspace and airport areas - these must be mitigated.

The preliminary cost estimate is that the construction of the new terminal and associated infrastructure is expected to be $11.9M.

On October 31, 2018, the City submitted an application to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Supplemental Funding. This FAA Re-Authoriziation Act appropriated $1B for small airport infrastructure projects. According to the council memo, "As of mid-December, it was determined that approximately $10M of the project would be eligible for some level of FAA funding under existing airport funding rules."

City and Airport staff are recommending approval of transmittal to the FAA for approval of the Schematic Design for review and comment. They are also recommending approval of Phase II, which is the new Terminal Final Design, to be performed by Dibble Engineering, DWL Architects and Michael Taylor and Associates. The cost of Phase II will not exceed $499,453.47.