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Burglary Suspect in Custody After Lying to Prevent Arrest

Burglary Suspect lies to avoid Arrest – Now in-custody   

On December 15, 2018, deputies met with a burglary victim in the 20700 block of E Wagon Way, Cordes Lakes, who reported the theft of items including a rifle, shotgun, airsoft rifles, and a video game console. The victim was away from his residence for several days, and upon return discovered the burglary. A person living in the home, 22-year-old Garrette Remington, had apparently moved out while the victim was away as Remington’s room was found completely cleaned out. The room where the victim kept his guns was locked when he left. The victim found that the door into this room had been forced open based on damage to the door frame. The victim suspected Garrette might be involved and confronted him via a text message. Garrette denied any involvement and indicated he was now living in California. 

On December 28, 2018, Garrette contacted YCSO and spoke to the investigating deputy by phone. Garrette claimed he was staying in Redwood, California and did not take any of the victim’s property. The deputy knew Garrette did not have access to a vehicle and questioned how he travelled to California. Garrette claimed he had purchased a truck from his Uncle to make the trip and he refused to provide his current address or Uncle’s contact information. He was offered the opportunity to return the property with no further action and continued to deny involvement. A deputy later contacted one of Garrette’s family members who was unaware of the “Uncle” Garrette mentioned. 

Additional contacts during the investigation on December 30, 2018, resulted in deputies learning Garrette might be staying at a home on Palo Verde Drive in Chino Valley. That evening, deputies went to the home on Palo Verde Drive and found Garrette who continued to deny stealing any property. Assisting deputies received permission from the property owner to check an out building on the property and once inside, deputies located several of the victim’s airsoft rifles. A further search revealed both the stolen shotgun and rifle. The video game console was located in another part of the house and recovered. Garrette had been at the Chino Valley home for at least a week. 

Garrette eventually admitted to involvement in the burglary but blamed the idea on another suspect. This part of the investigation is ongoing, but deputies have not made additional arrests. 

Garrette was booked into the Camp Verde Detention on charges including Burglary, Theft of Firearm and Theft x 19. He remains in-custody on a $2500 bond. 

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Dwight DEvelyn, YCSO Media Relations Coordinator

Dwight D'Evelyn, YCSO Media Coordinator