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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: March 12, 2019

12 March 2019  

There is some exciting news on the Council Agenda today! Study Session starts at 2, Voting Meeting is at 3.


 Agenda  Agenda Packet

Watch the live stream of the presentations here: 


2. ROLL CALL All present except for Mayor Mengarelli, who is excused.


A. Presentation on the Center for the Future by Dr. Frank Ayers.

 Council Memo Printout

center for future council no video.005.jpeg

center for future council no video.006.jpeg

Think of "condominium for businesses".

 center for future council no video.007.jpeg


 center for future council no video.008.jpeg

center for future council no video.009.jpeg


center for future council no video.010.jpeg

center for future council no video.011.jpeg

 center for future council no video.013.jpeg

 Very similar to this project from the University of San Antonio.

center for future council no video.015.jpeg

center for future council no video.016.jpeg

center for future council no video.017.jpeg


center for future council no video.018.jpeg

center for future council no video.019.jpeg

center for future council no video.020.jpeg

Dr. Haas said they are simply looking for letters of support at this time. 

Dr. Ayers points out that they have a leadership team that will continue to support these ideas even after his retirement at the end of this semester.

"Transitions occur in life, but they don't drive changes in the wrong direction," Dr. Ayers said.

Councilman Jim Lamerson thanks them for their presentation and the support of Embry Riddle.

Councilman Sischka thanks them for this project, too. He also asks what else the City can do to help support the project. Building and permitting support.

Dr. Haas notes that this idea is only phase 1. "There is going to be growth in that direction," Dr. Haas said.

"This is not an Embry-Riddle Project, this is a greater Prescott Area project... Success breeds success," Dr. Ayers said.

Councilman Goode thanks Dr. Ayers for his leadership. He also asks if they will need further infrastructure support?


B. Charter Amendment Related to Lease Purchase Options Discussion.

Council Memo Printout

Alternative 1: Do nothing. No changes to City Charter or City Code.

Nothing in the near future expected to qualify for this situation.

Perhaps need a full blown charter review and analysis anyway.

Alternative 2: Amend City Charter related to Sale of City Real Property

Art. VIII, Section 12 Sale of City Property

Alternative 3: Amend Lease provisions of the code as to City Property

Alternative  4: Amend City Code

Allow the Council to make these decisions. 


Councilman Goode wants to move forward now. The cost would be about $10K for the pamplets.

"When the public looks at how we handle City property (sales, leases) they're going to look at the charter," Goode said. He wants to get this language ready for May.

When the City looks at the disposition of real estate, they look at the charter, the City code and the state legislative laws.

Attorney Paladini points out that a code amendment will have the same power as a charter amendment. 

Councilwoman Scholl suggests doing Alternative 4 to begin with, and then looking at a full charter change in the future. 

"These are public taxpayer assets, and I would want the public to know that we are taking it seriously," Councilman Goode says.

Councilman Blair tends to agree with Goode. 

"Does the public so distrust this council that we need to spend $10K now and then spend it again?" asks Sischka.

Direction given, "Alternative 4 and then 1 for future consideration."



 Agenda  Agenda Packet




Rev. Jay Wilcher, First Congregational Church


Councilman Goode

5. ROLL CALL: All present except for Mayor Mengarelli, who is excused.


Prescott Job Fair - Yavapai College March 27, 2019




A. Approval of draft minutes for the February 26, 2019 2:00 p.m. Study Session, the February 26, 2019 Voting Meeting and the February 26, 2019 5:30 p.m. Study Session.

Council Memo Printout

a. February 26, 2019 Study Session (2:00 pm)

b. February 26, 2019 Voting Meeting

c. February 26, 2019 Study Session (5:30 pm)

d. Attachment February 26, 2019 Study Session (5:30 pm) - Water Portfolio Analysis Presentation

B. Approval for the purchase of one (1) 70Hp Flygt Submersible Wastewater Pump (City Contract No. 2019-195) in the amount of $51,526.97 from James, Cooke & Hobson, Inc. Funding is available in the Wastewater Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Sole Source Form, Submersible Pump (City Contract No. 2019-195)

C. Approval of Amendment No. 3 to City Contract No. 2016-096 with Polydyne, Inc., in the amount of $60,000.00. Funding is available in the Wastewater Fund.

Council Memo Printout

D. Approval of City Contract No. 2019-194 with Simplot Partners utilizing the City of Peoria Contract No. ACON09616 for annual estimated amount of $100,000.00 for the purchase of grounds keeping materials to include fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and grass seed. Various Departments will participate in this city wide contract.

Council Memo Printout

a. City of Peoria Contract Pricing

E. Approval of Amendment No. 4 to City Contract No. 2017-260 with the Robb Group, LLC for Economic Development Services in the amount not to exceed $52,000.00. Funding for this contract is budgeted in the General Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. City Contract No. 2017-260 with Robb Group

b. Amendment No. A4, City Contract No. 2017-260

Consent Agenda passes unanimously. 


A. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1654 approving a Land Lease Agreement with Verizon Wireless, LLC, for the wireless/cellular communications site within City right-of-way adjacent to that property located at 550 S. Montezuma Street (City Contract No. 2019-173).

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2019-1654

b. Land Lease Agreement (City Contract No. 2019-173)

c. Site Plan

B. Adoption of Resolution No. 2019-1669 declaring the “Small Cell Facilities” document a public record, and; Adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1646 pertaining to the use of right-of-way for small cell wireless facilities, monopoles, and utility poles for collocation.

Council Memo Printout

a. Resolution No. 2019-1669

b. Exhibit A - Final Version

c. Exhibit A - Strike Through Version

d. Ordinance No. 2019-1646

Passes unanimously. 


Full meeting video:


A. Appointment of Paul Napper to the Youth Advisory Board.

Council Memo Printout

His appointment passes unanimously, and he is sworn into office. 

B. Award of contract No. 2019-145 to Kelley-Wise Engineering, Inc. for design services of the Lower Goldwater Improvement project in the amount of $69,987.50. Funding is available in the Transient Occupancy (Bed Tax) Budget.

Council Memo Printout

a. Scope of Services for Lower Goldwater Lake-R1 by Kelley-Wise Engineering

b. Lower Goldwater Scope and Fees

Purchased in 1913, 1915

The lower Goldwater Lake Improvement Project includes:

There is further opportunity to do more with this project "a light hand with the land," as Joe Baynes explains.

  • Day use Ramada
  • Restroom
  • Day use sites
  • Ceremony Pad
  • 125-150 paved parkign spots 
  • Fishing trail
  • Light hand on the land
  • Future phase
  • Trail connections around both lakes.

"Goldwater Lake is one of the best coldwater lakes for fishing in the state," according to Joe Baynes.

"Making it a good trophy lake" - there have been award winning fish caught here.

Advertize for construct bids in August 2019, Approve construction contract in September 2019, open Spring 2020.

Blair notes that this is a great bass lake. Joe Baynes said that he did catch a 5 lb. bass there.

Lamerson notes that here's another amenity that the citizens of Prescott provide for the entire area community. 

Motion passes unanimously. 

C. Award of City Contract No. 2019-197 to Danson Construction, LLC, for construction services to expand the Wastewater Collection Building in the amount of $519,800.00. Funding is available in the Wastewater Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Location Map

Equipment bay and offices. 

Motion passes unanimously. 


D. Award of City Contract No. 2019-172 to Willmeng/Fann - a Joint Venture for Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) Pre-Construction Services for the New Airport Passenger Terminal in an amount not to exceed $140,936.00; and to approve Amendment No. 1 (2019-172A1) which includes required Federal contract provisions for obligated sponsors.

Council Memo Printout

a. Prescott Regional Airport CMAR Precon Proposal: Willmeng-Fann

Airport remains busy - the last 5 days flights have been at 90%+ capacity. "Spring break is on a roll!"

Expect a guaranteed maximum price by May, and will break ground in September.

Motion passes unanimously. 


E. Award of Contract No 2019-187 to Eagle Management and Events, LLC, for planning and implementation of the 2019 Fourth of July Special Event.

Council Memo Printout

a. Request for Proposal for 4th of July Event

b. City Contract No. 2019-187


This could be our next 4th of July (yes, it's a Photoshopped image, but it's cool, isn't it?)

From 12 noon, until Fireworks. $5 entrance, and all day wristband for $15. 

No outside coolers allowed. 

Bigger fireworks this year for the event!

According to Councilman Blair, it used to be at Watson Lake. 

There is enough parking for about 8K people. They expect 3K people to attend. Of course, the fireworks will bring more people. They also have options available if needed. 

Fireworks can be set off from a barge or maybe from the rocks!

Motion passes unanimously. 

F. Legislative Update

About 55 days into the session, about halfway.

Vacation rental regulations - passed through the house.

Partisan options for the local elections - dead.

HB 2702: stalled in committee.

SB1416: Digital goods. Would hurt quite a bit overall. 

Misc. SB 1765: Texting and driving. Wouldn't be implemented until 2021.




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