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Boys & Girls Clubs Dance For, and Reach, the Stars

15 April 2019  

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona earn money to help community youth.

It was a red-carpet, $360,000 night. That’s how much was raised for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona on Saturday, when local celebrities and pro dancers showcased their moves in two performances. 

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona serve almost 600 children in the quad-cities community, yet, there’s still a wait list. Funds from events such as this help to ensure that kids have a place to go after school and during holidays and summer. The activities include Fun with a Purpose, Academic Success, Character Development and Leadership and Healthy Choices. 

Costs are kept low, and no child is turned away due to income. They couldn’t do that if it weren’t for fundraisers and generous donations from the community.

Meet the 3rd Annual Dance for the Stars participants: 

Julie Cowing and Sarah Hinson

Julie Cowing, the Executive Director of Hospice for the Good Samaritan Society was the first celebrity dancer of the evening, partnered with Sarah Hinson, who tapped (sorry for the pun) into her inner dancer at the age of 3, becoming experienced in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, swing and contemporary dance by the time she graduated from high school. 

Dr Dan Beck and Jamie Procknow

Dr Dan Beck is an Anesthesiologist for Yavapai Regional Medical Center; Jamie Procknow also owns and operates Custom Water Creations, a swimming pool and spa construction company in Yavapai County, and is also a talented dancer.

Deputy Police Chief Amy Bonney & Patrick Wilcox

While Deputy Chief Amy Bonney is quick to respond in an emergency, but she’s also quick to volunteer in her community. She teamed up with dancer Patrick Wilcox, who is a winner in dancing as well as his company, Landscaping by the Yard.

Ken Mabarak & Rachele Smith

Ken Mabarak is the man who helped bring Dutch Bros to Prescott, and his dancing partner was Rachele Smith, who began dancing at the age of 2.

Laura Markey & Colten Davault

Laura Markey is the owner of the Center for Physical Excellence, Colten Davault started by attending a Zumba party, and from there developed his skills into a dancing instructor.

Megan Holdsworth & Ron Howard

Megan Holdsworth, mother of six and a champion mountain bike racer, is also a champion for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arizona. She partnered up with Ron Howard, a member of the MC Hammer dance team.

John Mull & Alexis Pursell

Attorney John Mull stays active with swimming, biking and now dancing. Alexis Pursell has been dancing since she was four and now teaches Jazz, Hip-Hop and youth cheerleading at Fusion of Movement in Prescott Valley.

Barry Barbe & Kelsey Claire

Barry Barbe tried to claim a dance career, but he decided to focus on his experience as the master chef (and proprietor) of El Gato Azul, and we’re all glad he did! He paired up with Kelsey Claire, who dances and shares her musical theatric passions with community youth as the Director of Park Avenue Theater and Director of Youth Ministries.

Judd Simmons & Marina Rogova-O’Brien

Now that County Assessor Judd Simmons is finished with his dancing routine for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona, he plans to take part in the Whiskey Off-Road coming up at the end of this month. Marina Rogova-O’Brien brought her dancing skills from the Ukraine, performing, choreographing and teaching.

Veronica Phillips & Zach Leonard

Veronica Phillips is the owner of Park Plaza Liquor & Deli. Zach Leonard, when he’s not dancing, is also an emergency Physician Assistant. 

Leza Lachapelle Dandos was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. The celebrity judges were Greg Raskin from Raskin’s Jewelers, Cheryl Rolland from Country Bank and Billie Orr, City of Prescott Mayor Pro Tem.

Watch a brief recap of the performances here: 

At the end of the night, the Mirror Ball was awarded to Laura Markey, as was the People’s Choice Award. Megan Holdsworth won the Judge’s Choice Award. Of course, the real winners were the youth of Yavapai County. 

To watch the entire show, here is the full version from Prescott Media Center. (Go to 1:12:00 for the actual beginning of the show.)





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