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Berry Bash at Mortimer Farms

03 June 2019   Kristina Abbey

Pick-your-own berries at Mortimer Farms!

Craving freshly picked strawberries? How about a family friendly good time filled with games and rides? The Berry Bash at Mortimer Farms might be just what you need. Walking the fields of the Berry Patches, the sweet smell of those bright red berries calls to you and you can’t help but dig in and start to pick some for your own. 

When parking at Mortimer Farms the eye immediately wanders to the store and ground beyond. The desire to explore, see the farm animals, and wander the fields calls and you just can’t wait to get out there to start the adventure. Pass by a gold panning area on your way, see chickens, goats, and a donkey as you make your way through to the play area and the U-pick fields. 

If the animals and beautiful berries aren’t enough draw, how about a zip line, a couple of fun human operated kid friendly rides, a hay mountain, or even a tractor pulled hay ride? Kids zip through the tricycle maze or bounce with their parents on a massive inflated bounce dome. 

If you get hungry while at the event, the Farm Kitchen and Country Store are both open and ready to cook meals to order for guests. There are picnic tables offered, one right in the middle of a berry patch, where one can relax, enjoy a tasty lunch, and sniff the strawberry fragrance that permeates the air in the warm sun.

Mortimer Farms is hosting their Berry Bash from June 1st to June 30th with family friendly fun event suitable for all ages. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $7 or in advance online for $6. Your ticket purchase will give you admission into the Farm Park for the day, the U-pick fields, and to the Hay Rides. 

Take a trip back to a farm and enjoy the experience of getting your own fresh strawberries, right off the plant. There’s nothing sweeter than the reward of biting into one of those still warm-from-the-sun, delicious strawberries.