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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: June 11, 2019

11 June 2019  

Prescott City Council meets for Study Session and Voting Session meetings.

Study Session


 Agenda  Agenda Packet 

Live (Windows Media) Video




A. Discussion on 3-Hour Downtown Parking limits.

A trial period is proposed. 

Council Memo Printout


a. Prescott Downtown Partnership Letter


b. Tourism Advisory Committee


B. Overview of Potential Water Policy and Code Changes.

Council Memo Printout

The whole goal is to simplify the process.

A lot of steps are being eliminated, which will free up staff time and make it easier for staff and customers.

Any new development to be required to hook into sewer.

Existing service would be required to hook up when the sewer is in their area.

1. Effluent back from homes.

2. No requirement for them to do so now.

Update landscaping code.

Make it a requirement in commercial developments and subdivisions.

  • Incentives
  • Policy changes
  • Water Service Outside of City Limits
  • Sewer Chanes
  • Other Code Changes

Leslie feels there should be more transparency, and a consideration of the overdraft. 

 "I want to make it very clear, you know everything we know... Which is the truth. We are being transparent," Mayor Mengarelli said.

PV is +500% since 1990.

CV is +300% since 1990.

Prescott is up 55% since 1990.

C. Update to the Water Conservation Incentive Program.

Conservation program started in 1992.

The program was successful. 

Over 824 millions of gallons have been saved over the conservation program period of time.

What could be improved upon? 

  • Toilets; New rebate: $100 rebate for 1.0 gpf or 0.8 gpf (gallon per flush) $50 incentive for septic customers
  • Drip system installation
    • Smart timer irrigation controllers $75 rebate
      • Must be easy to use
      • Can measure weather patterns or soil moisture
      • EPA WaterSense approved
  • Urinals: Hybrid Urinals flush once every 72 hours
    • 1 quart p/flush urinals
  • Landscape Health Check
  • Leak Repairs
  • Rotator Spray head replacement
  • Showerheads
  • Rainwater: Passive System $5 p/sf of treatment
    • Passive system slows water down.
  • Turf Removal: Increase rebate to $.50 p/sf
  • Washing machines: $200/washing machine install based on efficiency list from Tucson Water

May install new toilets for low-income or fixed income.

Permeable Surfaces

Create an award recognition for businesses that save water.If they save 20-30% of your water usage.

Rebates include everyone that is a water user.


Rebate Education Card.

Would like to have it be in the new fiscal year.

  Council Memo Printout

Great presentation!


Voting Meeting

Watch it live here!



 Agenda  Agenda Packet 




Senior Pastor Dan Hurlbert with Prescott United Methodist Church


Councilman Goode



Yavapai College Promise for Tuition Free Degree for Class of 2019

Read by Councilwoman Alexa Scholl

Ernest A Love Post 6 Centennial Anniversary

Read by Councilman Phil Goode


A. Approval of minutes for the May 21, 2019 Budget Workshop, the May 28, 2019 Special Meeting/Executive Session, the May 28, 2019 Study Session and the May 28, 2019 Voting Meeting.

Council Memo Printout

a. May 21, 2019 Budget Workshop Meeting 

b. May 28, 2019 Special Meeting/Executive Session

c. May 28, 2019 Study Session

d. May 28, 2019 Voting Meeting

B. Adoption of Resolution No. 2019-1694; approving an Intergovernmental Agreement (City Contract 2019-230) with Yavapai County for financial participation in the City's SR 89 Pavement Preservation Project.

  Council Memo Printout
  a. Resolution No. 2019-1694

b. City of Prescott (City Contract No. 2019-230) and Yavapai County IGA

c. Vicinity Map

C. Approval of 3-Hour Parking Limits Downtown.

 Council Memo Printout

D. Award of City Contract No. 2019-237 with Polydyne, Inc., in the amount of $180,000.00 annually to supply polymer for wastewater treatment. Funding is available in the Wastewater Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Polydyne Inc. Bid

E. Amendment to current Comprehensive Sign Plan for Arizona Tile; Zoning: Business Regional (BR); Property owner: Esquera Development, LLC; APN 112-05-031; Project number SIG19-001.

Council Memo Printout

a. Aerial Location Map

b. A&B Sign Company Request
 c. Proposed Sign
 d. Existing Sign Eastbound Photo
 e. Existing Sign Westbound Photo
 F. Approval of FY20 increase for contracted employee City Manager, Contract No. 2019-243.

Council Memo Printout

a. City Manager Contract

G. Approval of FY20 increase for contracted employee City Attorney Contract No. 2019-244.
 Council Memo Printout
 a. City Attorney Employment Contract 2019-244
 H. Approval of FY20 increase for contracted employee City Clerk, Contract No. 2019-245.

Council Memo Printout

a. FY20 Annual Contract for City Clerk

Everything passes except for C, F, G, H, which have been pulled.

C has been postponed for fuller study, improvement of safety and lighting of parking garage. Motion to table approved.

New Amended Contracts for City Clerk, City Attorney and City Manager.


1. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1674 authorizing purchase and acceptance of public drainage easements from Keith Bochat and Steven Batt.

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2019-1674

b. Vicinity Map

Motion passes unanimously. 



A. Appointment of Member to the Youth Advisory Board and to approve recommendations for the Chair and Vice Chair positions as presented in Attachment 1.

Council Memo Printout

a. June 2019 BCC Recommendations


B. Overview of the 2019 Legislative Session by Barry Aarons.

Council Memo Printout

DCP passes

$1M/year for 7 years put into base budget for Hot Shots - that's the starting point each year.

$1M for airport from State Aviation Fund (thanks to Representative Noel Campbell.)

Wayfair - Internet sales: Agreement made. A reasonable solution - it will increase your city revenue. Auto and fertilizer sales are exempted from that. 

VLT will be phased out over 2 years. HURF funding will likely be affected.

2318: Hands Free bill passed. Governor vetoed distracted bill. 2318 was a Prescott initiative, and is now statewide as of January 2021.

1139 - forever Legislative District 1 will be Prescott. Huge battle in the House over this. President Fann's initiative.

2027 online lodging tax revenues. 2672 - make sure maintain and retain the ordinance authority. Passed.

Peer to peer car sharing - not exactly a car rental. Neither bill passed.

Vapor products: Regulation and enforcement of Vapor Products. Would it have allowed nicotine products to be available to kids? Both failed for the time being.

 Councilwoman Billie Orr recommended film tax credits for next year. This is a tricky question!

Councilman Goode wants to move forward with developmental impact fees. Barry promises to engage other organizations on these issues.

Blair thanks him, also, and asks about a Granite Dells State Park legislation. Barry said he'd have to look at the land.

C. Adoption of Resolution No. 2019-1711 updating the City's Council Pension Policy.

Council Memo Printout

a. Resolution No. 2019-1711 Pension Funding Policy

b. Exhibit A-Pension Final FY20 Policy

The City continues to pay the Required Contribution Portion from the General Fund, plus they make the payment from all the tax income from 443.

The anticipated payoff date is in about 8 years.

Goode notes that it is a laudable improvement, but thinks it should be kept in perspective. He makes a statement about needing to pay more than the Annual Required Contribution. "46.3% is a good step, but we're in a marathon, not a sprint." Last year it was at 30%.

Mengarelli reminds Barry that the legislature needs to fix this issue. "We're mandated to use it, but it's dysfunctional."

Sischka states, "We are not redirecting any of the funds. We are doing exactly what we promised." 

D. Adoption of Resolution No. 2019-1707 approving Transfer of Certain Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Appropriations.

Council Memo Printout

a. Resolution No. 2019-1707

b. Exhibit A Res 2019-1707

PSPRS Taxes are coming in higher than expected. They will pay that by tomorrow. 

Motion passes unanimously.

E. Adoption of Resolution No. 2019-1708 adopting the Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2020, and Setting the Public Hearing for the Final Budget, Expenditure Limitation and Tax Levies for the City of Prescott.

Council Memo Printout


a. Resolution No. 2019-1708


b. Budget Legal Forms FY20

Goode says he will vote against the bill because he believes they are not sending enough to PSPRS.

Passes 6-1.


F. Approval to issue a Request for Proposals for the Redevelopment of City Municipal Properties.

Council Memo Printout  

a. Request for Proposals

This is not a done deal. It is for exploration only. 


G. Approval of City Contract No. 2019-236 with Entellus Inc. for engineering design services for the Zone 56 - 1.5 MG Water Tank and Piping Project, in the amount of $386,100.98. Funding is available in the Water Fund.

  Council Memo Printout

a. Zone 56 Scope of Work, Fee, and Schedule

Passes unanimously. 


H. Approval of License Agreement and Video Services Application with Uniform Video Service Provider (Cable TV).

Council Memo Printout  

a. Video Service License Agreement

b. Video Services Application and Affidavit

 Passes unanimously. 

I. Adopt Resolution No. 2019-1710 regarding the City Council Rules of Procedure.

Council Memo Printout  

a. Resolution No. 2019-1710

b. Rules of Procedure Amended Version 2019

 Phil Goode thinks this puts Councilmembers into potential risk for Open Meeting Law violations.

He polled various councils and their policies. 

He thinks this is the safest way to deal with the issue.

Paladini suggests that the councilmember use the Clerk's office to shop the proposal. 

Blair stated that there were several items that were brought forward in the past that were "ridiculous" and that is why the policy was put into place. 

Scholl thinks this is a good check and balance.

Paladini said he didn't think there had been an OML violation in the past, but this is an interesting question. It certainly does present a risk.

They think they can use the Clerk or the City Manager.

"To me, it just comes back to a fundamental respect for representative democracy," Goode said. "I think it's fundamental, we should have a right to bring their issues forward... I think removing this requirement is the right thing to do."

"Everyone who is elected serve the people of the City of Prescott, and anyone should be able to put something on the agenda," Lamerson said.

Leslie Hoy supports the measure.

"I don't see a downside to having more discussion on an issue," she said. "We can't allow the desire to be efficient to override the people who voted for that person... I really hope you'll consider at least trying this."

Phil Goode moves the motion, Lamerson seconds. 

Motion fails 4-3. Blair, Lamerson and Goode vote in favor; Mengarelli, Orr, Sischka and Scholl vote against it.


J. Approval of City Contract No. 2019-246 with Kimley Horn & Associates, for engineering design services for the Wildwood, Deerfield Road and Cliff Rose Water Main Replacement Project in the amount of $195,090.00 Funding is available in the Water Fund.

Council Memo Printout


a. Site Maps


b. Scope for Professional Consulting Services: Small Watermains Project

Motion passes unanimously. 


K. Preliminary plat of Bradshaw Hills, a 33-lot subdivision; Site Zoning: Business General (BG); Property owner: N Squared Properties, LLC; APN 110-04-031C and 110-04-141J. Project number PLN19-009.

Council Memo Printout

a. Zoning Vicinity Map

b. Aerial Vicinity Map

c. Applicant Description of Project

d. Preliminary Plat

Zoned business general. Proposal for 33 single family lots off Bradshaw Drive.

Recommended 6-0 by P&Z.

Goode thinks this plan is risky - he thinks the road must be upgraded to make it safer.

It is more dangerous and the homes will be required to use sprinkle systems.

They will be required to do a traffic analysis, and the final plat needs to return to P&Z.

Gary Palmer 280 Point of View. "It really comes down to the civil engineers and the law - and what is going to be safe," he said.

"I'm astonished at the thoughtfulness, the caring, the concern of [the staff]." Palmer said. "This does not happen, but it's happening here in Prescott. I'm grateful beyond words for this type of communication."

Lamerson said that as the liaison to P&Z, they did their job, and they met several times before approving it. "I thought they did a very standup job. They served this council well."

Passes 6-1, Goode in opposition.


L. A preliminary plat of Westwood, a proposed subdivision within the Deep Well Ranch Master Plan, totaling 181 single-family lots on approximately 50 acres. Property owner is Chamberlain Development, LLC. Applicant is Dorn Homes, Inc. Project number PLN19-006.

Council Memo Printout


a. Westwood Vicinity Map


b. Westwood Aerial Map


c. Westwood Preliminary Plat


d. Deep Well Master Plan General Standards


e. Deep Well Master Plan Specific Standards LUG V


M. Adoption of the 2018 International Building and Technical Codes and 2017 National Electric Code, and local Amendments to those codes.

Council Memo Printout


a. Ordinance No. 2019-1663, 2018 Administrative Building Code


b. Resolution No. 2019-1695, Administrative Building Code


c. Ordinance No. 2019-1664, 2018 International Building Code


d. Resolution No. 2019-1696, International Building Code


e. Ordinance No. 2019-1665, 2018 International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings


f. Resolution No. 2019-1697, International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings


g. Ordinance No. 2019-1666, 2018 International Fuel Gas Code


h. Resolution No. 2019-1698, International Fuel Gas Code


i. Ordinance No. 2019-1667, 2018 International Mechanical Code


j. Resolution No. 2019-1699, International Mechanical Code


k. Ordinance No. 2019-1668, 2018 International Plumbing Code


l. Resolution No. 2019-1700, International Plumbing Code


m. Ordinance No. 2019-1669, International Energy Conservation Code with 2018 Revisions


n. Resolution No. 2019-1701, International Energy Conservation Code with 2018 Revisions


o. Ordinance No. 2019-1670, 2017 National Electrical Code


p. Resolution No. 2019-1702, National Electrical Code


q. Ordinance No. 2019-1671, Uniform Housing Code, Repealing Title III, Chapter 3


r. Ordinance No. 2019-1672, Administrative Building Code, Repealing Title III, Chapter 15


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