Today: Jun 03 , 2020

Prescott Hills: Alive with the Sound of Music

16 June 2019   Kristina Abbey

The Prescott Film Festival hosted their first ever sing-a-long movie!

The excitement charged the crowd as they streamed into the theater of the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center. Saturday’s mid-day event for the Prescott Film Festival featured a Sound of Music Sing-a-long. Attendees of the sing-a-long were encouraged to come dressed in costume and several patrons were happy to participate. In the group of those who decided to dress up there were a few girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, a nun, a woman dressed as Maria, and even a goatherdess! 

Prior to the kick off of the movie, the audience was led through some instruction on what to do during the movie to make the event even more fun than it already promised to be and were even given a little bag of props to use in different parts. Instructions included booing at the Nazis, cheering for the good guys and even a popper was provided to celebrate Maria and the Captain’s first kiss.  In addition, the audience was led through vocal warm up and even practiced a little singing. 

Many of the patrons have enjoyed and love Sound of Music for many years. Most movie goers today had seen the movie five to ten times and some even boasted having watched the movie at least once a year every year. A few younger patrons, brought by their parents, were lucky enough to be experiencing the movie for the first time. 

Eventually the lights lowered and the music soared as the Sound of Music’s opening strains filled the auditorium. To help viewers remember the words, not that most seemed to need them, captioning was provided along the bottom of the screen during the songs so singers could follow along with the tunes. The audience roared with laughter several times due to the antics of one lively group of movie goers who brought with them custom made props to hold up during certain points of the movie. One prop that had the audience going was a moon with moon beams they held up with their hands another was a sign warning Captain Von Trapp that the kids in the trees as they drove past, were indeed, his kids.

As this year’s film festival comes to a close, many look forward to what might happen next year. Several patrons today commented how much they hoped that next year they will again include a Sound of Music sing-a-long as an option among the event offerings. In all, the 10th annual Prescott Film Festival can easily declare another successful year. As this year draws to a close, many guests who were lucky enough to attend any of the many workshops and events offered now turn their attention to 2020. Just what will the committee decide to offer next year? Whatever they decide, one thing is certain, it is almost a guarantee it will be another amazing Prescott Film Festival.