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Park Plaza Liquor and Deli

27 September 2019   Shawn Shipley

Our food reviewer weighs in with his latest.

Where can I buy a bottle of High Grade Booze, a Hot Pastrami Sandwich and a Heart Attack all in the same place? Why, at Park Plaza Liquor and Deli in Prescott. Now, why would I buy a heart attack? Well, you just have to try the baked Mac and Cheese. It's worth the Heart Attack. This isn't your ordinary Mac and Cheese from a blue box. No! This is food of the Gods! Rich, creamy Mac and Cheese that has almost 1000 Calories per spoonful. Now, I know what you are saying, "Just plain ole Mac and Cheese?"

Well, Heck no, you have to add Bacon! Chiles! Spicy Sausage, a Wombat! This will put it over the top. Adding the extras just makes it that much better. Get the Wombat, it is chewy but so worth it. So, get yourself a Defib machine and get you some of this high quality Mac and Cheese.

But, enough about the Mac and Cheese. I stopped in for the Hot Pastrami Sandwich. A decent amount of what looked like homemade Pastrami on a nicely toasted Marble Rye. Add some cheese and Gulden's Mustard and it is a taste treat. I added the Side Salad and the Blue Cheese dressing was quite good with nice chunks of cheese. If you are a fry lover, they have some legit good fries as well as some other sides. All in all, one of my favorite places.

Whew, all this good food... But WAIT, there's MORE! They have Pizza! And not some frozen pizza made from ground cardboard and ground up tires. This is one of the top pizza places around. Nice thin Crust, good toppings and a flavorful blend of cheese and sauce. I rate it in the top 5 pizzas around here.

Now, I don't drink, but if you need a bottle of some random hooch from around the world, they have a good chance of having it. It is amazing the amount of stock they have in there. I wandered around and there are Whiskeys, Gins, Vodkas, and other tipples that I have never even heard of. A pretty well stocked store for the booze aficionado.

Park Plaza Liquorweb.jpg

Park Plaza Wineweb.jpg

So, if you and your friends cannot agree on a place to eat as one person wants Jack Daniels, one wants a Pizza and another wants Mac and Cheese and a Heart Stent, then this is the place to go!