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Eagles Have Dominant Performance Over Keelhaulers

20 October 2019   Aaron Michael Siple
Jack Rinke

ERAU notched up an 11-0 win over the Keelhaulers.

PRESCOTT, Ariz. - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Ariz.) won in style over California State Maritime at home. It seemed nothing was going in favor of the Keelhaulers (0-9-0, 0-4 Cal Pac), as the Eagles (9-3-3, 6-0-1 Cal Pac) were able to put up 11 goals from 10 different players, four of which were first goals on the season.

The Eagles started pouring on their offense early on in the first half, with Sierra Vicente  (SO/Las Vegas, Nev.) scoring under five minutes into the first half, assisted by Ally Leara  (SR/Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.). This was the first of many for the Eagles tonight, with Katy Hyde  (FR/Denton, Texas) scoring the next two goals, both assisted by Vicente. With Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Ariz.) up 3-0 in under three minutes, the onslaught continued. Riley Martinson  (JR/Deer Park, Wash.) and Paige Thompson  (FR/Los Alamitos, Calif.) put up the next two goals, both coming unassisted. This was Thompson's first goal of the season, and of her career.

After five goals coming from four different players, more Eagles wanted in on the action. Megan Currier  (SR/Anchorage, Alaska) scored with an assist from Ashley Askevold  (SO/Lake Stevens, Wash.), putting the Eagles up 6-0. Jennifer Inions  (JR/Prosser, Wash.) followed up Thompson's first goal of the season with her own. Seven goals going into the half were not enough for ERAU, with Maggi McElrath  (SO/Bend, Ore.) scoring under a minute, assisted by Inions.

The Eagles started the seconf half just as strong, with Lauren Foster  (FR/Chino Valley, Ariz.) scoring within the first minute. Peightun Gumm made her first appearance tonight after coming off an injury and was able to put up her first goal of the season also. Zalma Batrez-Cardoza  (FR/Flagstaff, Ariz.) finished off the scoring for ERAU tonight with a goal assisted from Askevold. The Eagles ended the night winning 11-0 over the Keelhaulers.

ERAU plays Sierra Nevada University on Sunday, Oct. 20th at 1pm MST.