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Steve Sischka Wins!

06 November 2019  

Steve Sischka will remain on Council for the next 4 years.

It was an election between two men, well-known and respected in the community. They were both incumbents, serving together on the Prescott Council.

During the August primary, it was a 4-way race between incumbents Jim Lamerson, Billie Orr and Steve Sischka. Kathey Rusing also ran - a first time political candidate that brought a hot issue, the potential annexation by Arizona Eco Development, sharply into focus. By the time the Primary results all shook out, Rusing and Orr had enough votes to declare victory in August. But Sishka and Lamerson were headed to a runoff election.

The popular TV show on NBC called, “The Voice,” pits two musicians against each other, and their coaches agonize about which to choose. Despite the contestant’s individual talent and strengths, only one can be chosen. As John Legend stated this year on a Voice episode, “I enjoy coaching them so much, and I hate having to pick between them…" This is a difficult decision for me." In this election, Prescott voters faced a similar choice.

But last night, the decisions were in, the votes were tallied and Sischka came out ahead, with 54.94% of the vote.

Here are the unofficial numbers (official results should be updated by Friday):

Registered Voters: 33,914
Total Ballots: 15,651 (46.15%) - There are approximately 650 outstanding ballots.

Jim Lamerson: 6,182 (43.83%)
Steve Sischka: 7,749 (54.94%)

Afterwards, Sischka spoke about the election and the issues Council will be facing in the near future.

Mayor Mengarelli noted that the voters have spoken, explaining this was a choice where you couldn’t go wrong.

Interesting facts:

Since August, there are 3445 more registered voters in the Prescott area.

Sischka received just 33 more votes in this election than he did in the primary. Lamerson’s tally was 521 votes higher than his primary results. There were 173 write-ins as opposed to 164 in the primary.





Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.