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Live Update of the Prescott City Council, November 12, 2019

12 November 2019  

Do you love technical meetings about codes and ordinances? Then today will be your favorite meeting ever. Study Session starts at 2 PM, Voting meeting is at 3.


 Agenda  Agenda Packet 


1. Roll Call3. DISCUSSION 

A. Runway Extension Focused Planning Study for Prescott Regional Airport - Ernest A. Love Field. 

 documentCouncil Memo Printout

Watch the discussion here: 

Obstruction can be a problem, so they removed 15 trees at the golf course for safety reasons. 

Density Altitude

Air density - determined by pressure, temperature & humidity. 

They lost 515 seats during the summer due to heat issues. 

Plus, the passengers had to be paid compensation for losing their seats. 

6100 lost seats x 77% LF=4700 unserved passengers, plus the 515 unserved passengers last summer.

They will have to suspend service to Denver from June -October next summer on the 2nd Denver flight (the first one should be ok), due to needing more fuel and the heat - it will not be fiscally responsible. 

They want to set the optimal RWY length to maximize Air Service Success.

They will be doing studies considering:

  • Air Traffic Control Tower
  • ARFF building
  • Land acquisition needs
  • Approach procedures
  • Obstructions/Land Use

The FAA will not fund an extension for the Forest Service, they will only fund an extension that they feel is reasonable for essential service. However, they will likely include the Forest Service in the discussions.

  • Pavement design will also be considered.
  • Drainage issues. 
  • This will set the stage for the environmental process. 
  • How to phase in the project to minimize impacts on the airport. 
  • Cost estimates.
  • Schedule - this will take quite a while, but he is not specific.
  • Instrument landing system and how it will be impacted.
  • Instrument approach procedure.
  • Public involvement.
  • Technical review meetings with FAA.
  • 3 Public meetings, open houses, Q&A. 
  • Draft report, and then will move on from there.

These types of studies are critical to the FAA, to communicate the necessity and the readiness. 

This will all be done before an environmental study. 


  • Higher overflight benefit
  • Reduce noise on the ground
  • USFS Aerial Firefighting operational improvements

They will continue to have summer schedule changes. 

The Runway extension is not expected to:

Allow larger aircraft or weight 100,000 lbs - current extension. 

Expected General Aviation training not increased. 

(Forest Service has several planes that weigh more than 100,000 plane (maximum 180,000 lb), but they are limited to 500 flights per year.

338,000 operations in 2002 - extending the runway will not increase the flight training operations, but the lack of pilots will contribute. 

$198,944 for Study Costs, 7-8 months

$48,944 from the General Fund.

Timeline: Planning >Environmental >Land Acqusition >Design > Construction

Best case scenario: 4 1/2 years, worst case, 7 years.

Meeting adjourned for now.  




 Agenda  Agenda Packet 





Pastor Paul Clemens with Calvary Chapel of Prescott


Councilwoman Scholl


All are here. Mayor Pro-Tem Billie Orr noted that Gary Edelbrock is not here, he passed away a couple of weeks ago. 


A. Approval of minutes for the October 22, 2019 Special Meeting/Executive Session, the October 22, 2019 Study Session and the October 22, 2019 Voting Meeting.

Council Memo Printout

a. October 22, 2019 Special Meeting/Executive Session

b. October 22, 2019 Study Session

c. October 22, 2019 Voting Meeting

B. Appointment of Member to the Youth Advisory Board.

Council Memo Printout

C. Approval of a Sole Source Agreement to Purchase Twenty (20) X26P Tasers Over a Five Year Payment Term. Funding is Available in the General Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Sole Source - Product Packages - 2019

b. Prescott PD - X26p (20) Taser60 Basic

D. Award of City Contract No. 2020-062 to CBJ Asphalt & Concrete Contractors, LLC for FY20 Pavement Preservation - Crack Sealing, in the Amount of $205,200.00. Funding is Available in the Streets Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. CBJ Quote for Application of Crack Seal

b. Vicinity Map FY20 Crack Seal

E. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-094 for the Purchase of Fire Department Wildland Portable Two-Way Radios for Four (4) Wildland Apparatus from IFC Radios & Safety, in an Amount Not to Exceed $26,924.73. Funding is Available in the Fire Department's General Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. IFC Radios & Safety Quote

b. New Mexico Communications Quote

c. 49er Communications Quote

F. Approval of City Contract No. 2017-204A2, an Amendment to City Contract No. 2017-204 with D&K Farming Enterprises, LLC, in an Amount not to Exceed $350,000.00 Annually for Bio-Solids Hauling. Funding is Available in the Wastewater Fund.

Council Memo Printout

G. Accept Low Bid from Skill Center Workshops LLC for the Prescott Area Shelter Services 2019 CDBG Funded Expansion Project.

Council Memo Printout

a. Remodel Proposal, Bid & Scope of Work - Prescott Area Shelter Services Expansion Project

H. Award of City Contract No. 2020-101 to Matrix New World Engineering, for Specialized Technical Support on Comprehensive Agreement No. 1 Regarding Big Chino Water Ranch Modeling in an Amount not to Exceed $100,000.00 Annually. Funding is Available in the Water Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Proposal for Consultation Services to the City of Prescott for Management and Completion of Comprehensive Agreement #1

I. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-095 for the Purchase of one (1) 60Hp Fairbanks Submersible Wastewater Pump in the Amount of $36,465.56 from Hennesy Mechanical Sales. Funding is Available in the Wastewater Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Hennesy Mechanical Quote

J. Award of Five (5) City Contracts (Nos. 2020-096 - 2020-100) to Multiple Companies for the Purchase of Waterworks Materials. Funding is Available in the Water and Wastewater Funds as Needed.

Council Memo Printout

a. 2019 Bid Tabulation-Water/Wastewater

K. Approval of Authorization of Services 10 (City Contract 2019-069A10) to Dibble Engineering in the Amount of $198,944.00 for a Runway 3R-21L Extension Focused Planning Study. Funding is Available in the Airport Enterprise and General Funds.

Council Memo Printout

a. Runway 3R-21L Extension Planning Study - Authorization of Services 10 Proposal

Passes unanimously. 



A. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1693 Authorizing the Granting of a Utility Easement to Arizona Public Service Company.

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance 2019-1693

b. APS Utility Easement Agreement

c. Vicinity Map

B. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1695 Authorizing the Purchase and Acceptance of Various Easements and Real Property from Arizona ECO Development L.L.C.

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2019-1695

b. Easement and ROW Acquisition Exhibit 1

c. Easement and ROW Acquisition Exhibit 2

Passes unanimously. 


A. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-068 (ADOT Grant No. E0S1M01D) for Acceptance of an Arizona Department of Transportation Airport Development Grant in the Amount of $1,000,000.00 for Design Expenses Related to the Replacement Commercial Service Passenger Terminal at Prescott Regional Airport - Ernest A. Love Field.

Council Memo Printout

B. Adoption of Resolution No. 2019-1721 Amending Traffic Calming Policy and Procedures.

Council Memo Printout

a. Resolution 2019-1721 Traffic Calming Policy Update

b. Traffic Calming Policy September 2019

c. 2019 Functional Street Classification List

C. Approval of Comprehensive Sign Plan (SIG19-005) for the Prescott Self Storage 3057 Centerpointe East Drive (APN 103-01-580A and C). Property Owner: Travart LLC; Applicant: Morgan Sign Co.

Council Memo Printout

a. Zoning and Imagery Maps

b. Application Request

c. Proposed Sign Renderings

The applicant is speaking, and trying to explain to council that it is necessary to have the larger sign so people can see his building. One of the signs will be illuminated, but it will adhere to dark sky ordinances. The sign would be 7' tall, but P&Z voted to approve a 4' high sign.

Blair said he doesn't like the color, he'd prefer a brown. 

Goode points out that it is not impulse. He points out that the property between the sign and the road, will likely be developed. He supports the P&Z recommendations.

It does not look like the sign will be approved at 7'.

Council votes to approve the P&Z recommendation.

Passes 7-0.

D. Approval of Comprehensive Sign Plan (SIG19-004) for Bashford Courts, 130 W. Gurley Street (APN 113-15-116). Property Owner & Applicant: Craig Hannay.

Council Memo Printout

a. Proposed Bashford Courts Comprehensive Sign Plan

The "World's Oldest Rodeo" will remain.

This motion was approved unanimously.

Passes 7-0.

E. Approval of PLN19-018 a Proposed Rezoning of Whispering Rock Subdivision (APNs 106-02-009G, 106-02-003V, 106-02-003G, 106-02-003K, 106-02-004F, 106-02-003U, 106-02-003Y, and 106-02-004G) from its current Business General (BG) Designation to Business Regional (BR). Property Owner: Prescott Whispering Rock, LLC.

Mayor Mengarelli has recused himself.

Here's where Planning and Zoning discuss this proposal: 

Council Memo Printout

a. Aerial View



b. Zoning View

c. Conceptual Site Plan for Banner Hospital


The applicant cannot ask for a Special Use Permit as a Business General, but it can for Business Regional. 

The height variance would apply only to 

At this point, Banner Health is interested in building a hospital there. 

So, it needs to be rezoned as Business Regional. It also needs approval regarding the FAA regarding a #7460 approval, which will be required for any property within a 4 mile radius, not just this property.  

"The property owner is taking advantage of the opportunity to rezone the entire site."

"I would like to say that when I am out and about in the City, people often talk about how important it is to get more medical services here in Prescott," Mayor Pro Tem Orr said.

Three residents have spoken of their support for this project, stating they had medical issues that YRMC was unable to treat.

Banner Hospital and Psychiatric facilities are creme de la creme, and so is Dr. Askari, one person said.

"We are fortunate that Banner chooses this location for us," Dr. Askari said. "It will not be my hospital... It will be a community hospital."

Jim Lamerson makes the motion to approve. Passes 6-0.

F. Award of City Contract No. 2020-087 to Asphalt Paving and Supply, Inc. for the Hope Street Improvement Project, in the amount of $776,259.00 and Award of City Contract No. 2020-088 to Woodson Engineering for Post Design Services in an Amount not to Exceed $52,945.00. Funding is Available in the Streets and Water Funds.

Council Memo Printout

a. Hope Street Vicinity Map

b. ASA for Additional Services - Post-Design

The completion would be in April 2020.

This issue has generated a great deal of resistance from a variety of people in the neighborhood.

Here are the comments from Cody Lundin:



After hearing from staff and attorneys, Council approved the measure. It was strongly suggested that the City would have potential liability if they did NOT do the work.

Motion passes 7-0.


G. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-115 for the Purchase of one (1) 2020 Freightliner Chassis, and one (1) Tymco 500x Sweeper Body from Tymco Inc. Using Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) Contract No. SW04-18 Pricing, in the Total Amount of $318,211.97. Funding is Available in the Streets Maintenance Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Tymco Sweeper Quote Dated 9.25.19

Blair asks how the dust stays out of the cab. This has been addressed by the design of the truck.

Motion passes unanimously, 7-0.

H. Approval of City Contract No. 2017-246A1, Amendment No. 1 to City Contract No. 2017-246 with Golder Associates, Inc. for the Big Chino Water Ranch Modeling, in the Amount of $277,460. Funding is Available in the Water Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Request for Amendment No. 1 - Golder Associates, Inc.

The City is the fiduciary for the payments.This discussion is about the modeling.

This project is a 22% increase over the original estimate. 

Motion passes unanimously. There are murmurings in the audience, "It's a dark day."

I. Adoption of Updated Water Management Policy and all Ordinances and Resolutions Amending City Code Pertaining to Said Policy

Councilman Goode states that much of this has NOT been discussed publicly, and requests that the final vote on this be delayed until the new council member (Kathey Rusing). 

"I would like to move that we postpone this discussion and vote until Kathey Rusing is sworn in on the 19th," Councilman Phil Goode states. 

That motion was seconded by Councilman Lamerson. 

It failed 3-4. The discussion continues.

Mayor Pro-Tem Orr states that there have been many meetings, and public discussions. "This council has been working on this issue for many months, this council should vote on it."

Councilman Goode asks if they are going to start going through the items one by one? Mayor Mengarelli asks if he would like to. Goode said he would like to.

Goode notes that one of the final models they are voting on is not even completed or final. He moves to postpone voting on that. 

Alexa said she has some questions, but is generally comfortable with it. 

Blair asks to go through it today – he said that he has not seen it in this format and he has questions – and hold the vote.

Council Memo Printout

Councilwoman Scholl thinks there are so many changes, they should see them all in writing before voting on them. 

Mayor Mengarelli wants Clyde and staff to rework these before going forward on them.

It will probably be voted on next week.

Sischka asks how it will be viewable by the public. It will be on the website. 

Mengarelli moves to table all the ordinances and policies. Goode seconded. 

"It's more important to get it right than to rush it... Take your time and get it right. Hammer it out and hammer it out, and eventually you'll come up with something palatable."

a. Resolution 2019-1722 - Water Policy

An update to current water policy, it only applies to any water user of all types. It will incorporate the water management users model. 

b. Ordinance No. 2019-1696 - PCC 2-1-8

This replaces the 2-1-8, moves some policy into code. Adopts new gray water provision. One of the only water providers in the state that can do such a thing. Also prohibits providing water out of city limits. 

There is a clause that says, "Unless excluded by prior agreement." Councilman Goode wants a wording change to this regarding prior agreement, to, "Prior agreements as of the date of this amendment."

c. Resolution 2019-1723 - PCC 2-1-8

d. Ordinance 2019-1697 - PCC 2-1-12

Wells must be abandoned when water service is agreed to. Moves this policy to code. 

e. Resolution 2019-1724 - PCC 2-1-12

f. Ordinance 2019-1698 - PCC 2-1-18

Removes some fees that weren't being used. Agreements are in place that supersede the code. 

Under this ordinance, people who live in the City limits, but are on wells will be charged a $14 per month fee to contribute to maintenance for the water system and fire hydrants. 

The estimate is that this will affect 300 people in the City. The City will bring in around $50K.

This section adds a fire protection fee. 

This is the section that assesses $170/year fee that will apply to about 300 lots.  This is letter "K". 

Now they're changing the language to "permitted structures," so it at least won't affect vacant lots, only locations with structures. But it is still likely to bring in around $50K+.

This is where they codify 30% surcharge for water already being served outside the city limits. 

g. Resolution 2019-1725 - PCC 2-1-18

h. Ordinance 2019-1699 - PCC 2-1-24

Change to make person who gives permission from City Manager to another staff person.

i. Resolution 2019-1726 - PCC 2-1-24

j. Ordinance 2019-1700 - PCC 2-1-76

New code section, moves from policy to code. Requires properties connecting to city water to connect to sewer. Council will be able to determine extreme hardships. 

k. Resolution 2019-1727 - PCC 2-1-76

l. Ordinance 2019-1701 - PCC 3-10-8

m. Resolution 2019-1728 - PCC 3-10-8

This adds a change that allows for a duel flush toilet. 

n. Ordinance 2019-1702 - PCC 3-6-2

Anyone wanting to do anything that requires a permit will trigger a requirement to connect to city water. Goode thinks there will be unintended consequences. Permits run about $3K, plus connection costs. He thinks it will discourage people from upgrading their property. Blair asks, "If you're going to take my well, what do you give me in exchange?"

This will likely be put to the side. 

o. Resolution 2019-1729 - PCC 3-6-2

p. Ordinance 2019-1703 - LDC 6.5

Landscaping requirements. No objection.

q. Resolution 2019-1730 - LDC 6.5

r. Redline Code Changes






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