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Live Update of the Prescott City Council, December 10, 2019

10 December 2019  

It's the live update of the Prescott City Council! Welcome, Councilwoman Rusing!


 Agenda  Agenda Packet 

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1. Roll Call

3. DISCUSSION A. Presentation Regarding Total Comprehensive Compensation and Classification Study.  documentCouncil Memo Printout 

Looking at: Classification & Compensation & Benefits

 6 Phases:

1. Project initiation

2. Project Outreach and Employee Participation

3. Job Classification Analysis

4. Market Salary & Benefits survey (60 benchmarks)

5. Solution Analysis and Development

6. Finalize Project (will include consultant presentation) 

Should take 4-5 months.

Blair asks why we need to do the study again? "When do we start retaining that study here and making it work?"

There are 200 job descriptions - 40% of the employees have their own job description. 

Want to look at every single proposition to determine the current status.

B. Presentation from Delta Airport Consultants, Inc and City Staff Regarding the Following Airport Master Plan items: Inventory, Forecasts, Facility Requirements, Selected Alternatives, Financials, Airport Layout Plan, and Public Disclosure Map.  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. Airport Master Plan Presentation

More than 200 changes have been made to the Airport Master Plan.

Prescott is considered a primary commercial service airport. 

Because of the rapid growth at the airport, the FAA has agreed to allow a change in the current Master Plan. The presenter said he has never experienced this before.

Here are some of the key pages from the presentation:




This forecast is going to be adjusted: 





$31M is being accomplished in the first 18 months.


The extension will be over 2800 feet. Taxiway Charlie will also be changed. 

The old terminal may be repurposed for various uses. The current plan is to leave it in place, but it will be remodeled to encourage safety. A new tower may be needed at 10,800 feet.


It is expected that the Prescott Airport will be the 25th busiest airport in the near future.


 Land use compatibility is a big issue that should be looked at.

"Without a supportive council and management team... This could not have been accomplished," said Airport Director Robyn Sobatta

Public Comments: Is 10,800 feet an option? Or is it limited to 10,000 feet?

 Several changes will be considered in phases, which will take place in probably 3-7 years. An extension from 10K to 10.8 K could be a $30-40M project.

Part of the phases will include an environmental impact study, which could take probably up to a year. Some very complex studies can take up to 10 years.rea

Wildlife issue will be part of the environmental impact study.

Councilman Goode states supportively that this is all a great plan. 

****Current update on terminal building: Groundbreaking scheduled to be held January 7.****




 Watch the meeting here: 

 Agenda  Agenda Packet 



3. INVOCATION  Reverend Jay Wilcher with First Congregational Church


5. ROLL CALL A. Roll Call


A. Recognition of Major Frank Schiel, Jr.
He was known as the Flying Cowboy!

 B. Wreaths Across America
Time for Wreaths Across America


Read by Councilwoman Alexa Scholl.  


A. Recognizing APS and Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Willow Creek Dog Park 

Linda Nichols, the winner of the Beneful-Puring Drea Dog Park Contest in 2013. APS donated the property (value of about $80K) to the City of Prescott for the dog park. 

This park is one of the busiest parks in Prescott, the estimate is about 450,000 visits annually by people and dogs alike.

You can donate here for upgrades and new amenities to the dog park.  

B. Yavapai Justice & Mental Health Coalition, Reach Out Initiative 

Presented by Beya Thayer

The Coalition is housed at the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office.

The Reach Out Initiative - Coordinators help people that are booked in to the County Jail to find services to help those with mental health needs and for assess the risk factors.

Recidivism for this population is down to 16%, compared to statewide DOC rate of 28%. Pre-arrest deflection program - working with Law Enforcement personnel, 911 professionals, helping people not to be booked into jail, but to find help. Jail bookings dropped drastically, due to the system-wide collaboration. "We have fabulous resources in Yavapai County and Prescott," Thayer stated. 

Mayor Pro Tem Orr offers appreciation for the Coalition and these resources. 

Thayer states that Yavapai County is being looked at as a model for this service.

C. Native Air Recognition 

They credit the partnerships in this community, "I'm continually amazed at how well Prescott and our organization work together." 


A. Approval of Minutes for both of the November 12, 2019 Special Meeting/Executive Sessions, the November 12, 2019 Study Session, the November 12, 2019 Voting Meeting, the November 19, 2019 Special Meeting/Executive Session, the November 19, 2019 Study Session and the November 19, 2019 Voting Meeting.  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. November 12, 2019 Morning Special Meeting/Executive Session  b. November 12, 2019 Afternoon Special Meeting/Executive Session  c. November 12, 2019 Study Session  d. November 12, 2019 Voting Meeting  e. November 19, 2019 Special Meeting/Executive Session  f. November 19, 2019 Study Session  g. November 19, 2019 Voting Meeting 

B. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-124 with Drill Tech, Inc. for Rehabilitation of the Airport Production Well No. 3 pump, in an Amount Not to Exceed $20,558.36. Funding is Available in the Water Fund.  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. Drill Tech, Inc. Estimate 

C. Adoption of Resolution No. 2019-1732 for an Intergovernmental Agreement with Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) in the Amount of $29,575.00 for Well Monitoring. Funding is available in the Comprehensive Agreement No. 1 Account.  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. Resolution No. 2019-1732  b. ADWR Intergovernmental Agreement 

D. Approve City Contract No. 2020-117 for Western Refuse in the Annual Estimated Amount of $50,000 for After Market Parts Utilizing the City of Mesa's Contract No. 2019089. Funding is Available in the Fleet Maintenance Budget.  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. City of Mesa Contract No. 2019089 

E. Accept the Prescott Regional Airport - Ernest A. Love Field Airport Master Plan, Including the Airport Layout Plan and Revised Public Airport Disclosure Map.  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. Airport Master Plan - Executive Summary 

F. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-122 for the Total Compensation and Classification Study by Evergreen Solutions in the Estimated Amount of $47,025. Funding is Available in the Human Resources Fund.  documentCommittee Memo Printout  a. Evergreen Project Phases & Work Plan Exhibit A  b. Evergreen Solutions Professional Services Agreement  c. Evergreen Project Work Plan Exhibit A  d. Evergreen Solutions Statement of Qualifications Exhibit B  e. Evergreen Project Communication Plan Exhibit C  f. Evergreen Cost Proposal Exhibit D  g. Evergreen Project Schedule Exhibit E 

G. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-129 for the Purchase of Two (2) 2020 BMW R1250 Pursuit Motorcycles from GO-AZ Motorcycles using State of Arizona Law Enforcement Contract ADSPO18-205712 Pricing in the Amount of $62,040.81. Funding is Available in the FY20 General Fund.  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. GO-AZ Motorcycles Quote 

H. Revision of Plat for Estancia de Prescott to Abandon Unneeded Easements (RVP19-013).  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. Zoning Map with Labels  b. Aerial Map with Labels  c. Estancia Easement Abandonsionment

Items A, E, F pulled before voting. 

Other items approved unanimously. 

A. Corrected: Nov. 12, voting meeting notes corrected. "affluent to effluent" and applied term to 'developed lots' rather than "built".

Passes unanimously.

E. Giving recognition to the Airport and the presentation at the Study Session. Robin Sobatta, Airport Director makes the presentation. A quick "cliffnotes" version is being presented now. (You can see the information above in the study session portion of this report.)

They also thanked the Master Plan Contributors that have helped over the years.

Also, an American Airlines CJ7 (?) was diverted here due to extreme weather in Tucson. One person on board the plane was from Prescott, and they let her off here and got her bag for her!


The plane was diverted to Prescott due to hail near Sky Harbor Airport.


Above photos provided by Airport Director Robin Sobatta.

Item E passes unanimously. 

Item F needs to be corrected to Dec. 10 2019 to June 10, 2020. $47,025. Passes unanimously. 


A. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-128 for the Purchase of Two (2) 2020 Peterbilt Automated Side Load Refuse Vehicles from Rush Truck Center using Arizona State Contract No. ADSPO14-063234 Pricing in the Total Amount of $621,604.36. These trucks will be financed with repayment of debt through the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund.  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. Peterbilt Side Loader Quote 

Passes 7-0

B. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-127 for the Purchase One (1) 2020 Peterbilt Automated Front Load Refuse Vehicle from Rush Truck Center using Arizona State Contract No. ADSPO14-063234 Pricing in the Total Amount of $313,456.61. This truck will be financed with repayment of debt through the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund.  documentCouncil Memo Printout  a. Peterbilt Front Load Quote

Passes 7-0


The meeting below is an Executive Session from earlier today - not open to the public. But the information discussed might be of interest.



Agenda Packet

  2. 2. ROLL CALL
  3. 1. Roll Call

Discussion of consultation for legal advice with the city's attorneys (A.R.S. Section 38-431.03(A)(3 & 4)); Discussion or consultation with the city's attorneys regarding the city's position on contracts that are the subject of negotiations.

  1. 1. Discussion concerning the Big Chino Water Ranch and Related Contracts
  2. 2. Stringfield Ranch Development Agreement
  3. 3. Arizona Eco Development Agreement
  4. 4. Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe Water & Sewer Settlement Agreement



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