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Live Update of the Prescott City Council, April 28, 2020

28 April 2020  

Meetings are still online-only due to COVID-19. Stay tuned here!



Agenda Packet 



Mayor Pro Tem Billie Orr recognizes the return of City Attorney Jon Paladini. 

Councilman Phil Goode notes that a proclamation recognizing Veterans and honoring their service will take place later. 

3. INVOCATION  Pastor Matt Kottman with Solid Rock Church

4. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE  Councilman Goode

5. ROLL CALL: All Present, with proper social distancing!


A. 2020 Census Update

Great response statewide. April 1 was Census Day. This is when you should reflect who the members of your household were on April 1. 

Prescott's response rate is about 62.4%.

Prescott Valley is at 62.2% - there's a friendly rivalry among local communities. 

Online response has been about 45-54% of all responses. 

Yavapai County's response rate is higher than the Arizona State response rate.

What to do if you haven't received a mailing yet?

1. Wait

2. Go online.

(The sign language interpreter is in the way of the screen.) 

The date to respond to the Census has been extended to October. 

Jobs are still available with the Census.

Look at the Response map here. 


A. Discussion Regarding Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Council Memo Printout 

  • 78 cases in Yavapai County, 2 deaths.
  • 16 cases in the City of Prescott.
  • The elderly have been largely spared.
  • Recommendations:
  • Apply for PP

Summer events still in place at this time. Memorial Day Weekend events still planned to continued, although that could change.

When the Governor does open the state, it is important to continue taking care of the elderly.

"We may have lost sight of the other impacts from the Corona Virus... I have impressed upon the Governor to take a look at the whole picture," Mayor Mengarelli said. 

B. Organization of Council Agendas  

Council Memo Printout 

Non-controversial items will be returned to the Consent Agenda. Mayor Mengarelli points out that any Councilmember can pull items if they choose.


C. Approval of Minutes for the April 14, 2020 Voting Meeting.  

Council Memo Printout 

 a. April 14, 2020 Voting Meeting 

Passes unanimously.  

D. Adoption of Resolution No. 2020-1742 Appointing Fire Chief Dennis B. Light as Applicant Agent on Behalf of the City of Prescott Cost Recovery Efforts Associated with Declared Public Emergencies.  

Council Memo Printout  

a. Resolution No. 2020-1742  

b. State of Arizona Declaration of Emergency Dated: March 11, 2020  

c. City of Prescott Proclamation of Emergency Dated: March 17, 2020  

d. Yavapai County Proclamation of Emergency Dated: March 19, 2020 

 Passes unanimously. 

E. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-183 to Accept Arizona Department of Homeland Security Western Region Award Committee (RAC) FY2017 Reallocation Grant Funds Towards Purchasing One (1) Toughbook Computer with Keyboard, in an Amount not to Exceed $3,740.00. Funding is Available through the Fire Department Budget (Grant Fund).  

Council Memo Printout  

a. FFY 2017 Homeland Security Grant Reallocation Award Letter 

 Passes unanimously. 

F. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-069A1, an Amendment to City Contract No. 2020-069 with Willmeng-Fann Joint Venture in an Amount not to Exceed $73,232 for Replenishment of the Passenger Terminal Contingency Fund from Which the Airline Passenger Gate Area Modifications will be Funded.  

Council Memo Printout 

F, G, H are all related. 


 The pink-outlined area is the area of indoor expansion. (It was going to be under-roof anyway, this simply encloses the area.)

This is a passenger related safety change. 

The Airlines are looking at coming back full force as soon as possible. 

There will be room for 110 seats.

Legislation is suggesting that all airports will require Mothers Rooms in the near future, so they are adding in a Mother's Room now.

 Passes unanimously. 

G. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-186 for the Acceptance of a CARES Act Airport Grant in the Amount of $1,042,532, as Administered by the Federal Aviation Administration.  

Council Memo Printout 

 Passes Unanimously. 

H. Approval of City Contract No. 2019-069A13, an Amendment to City Contract No. 2019-069 with Dibble Engineering in an Amount not to Exceed $26,768 for Design of a Passenger Holdroom Area Modifications within the New Airport Passenger Terminal  

Council Memo Printout  

a. City Contract No. 2019-069A13 

Passes unanimously. 

I. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2020-1715 Authorizing the Acceptance of Water Line Easement Agreements, from Canyon Run Partners L.P. and Bethel Development, Inc. 

 Council Memo Printout  

a. Ordinance No. 2020-1715  

b. Vicinity Map 

 Passes Unanimously. 

J. Approval of Water Service Agreement Application No. WSA20-002 by Michael Forry Representing Yavapai Regional Medical Center, for Additional Commercial Water Supplies on APNs 116-19-004F,004G, and 006Z.  

Council Memo Printout  

a. Demand Analysis  

b. Location Map 

 This is for a 3 story outpatient center. They calculated 300 gallons per bed. 


Councilman Goode notes that this is a very low-use outpatient facility, for non-acute, low-water use programs.

The parking garage will make internal movement & access much more efficient. 

"I have no objection at all, and am looking forward to having that completed," Goode said.

Passes unanimously. 

K. Approval of Revision of Plat (RPT20-004) for Whispering Rock Commercial Subdivision, Extending the Southern Boundary to Include Additional Property to Accommodate the Extension of Haas Blvd into the Subdivision.  

Council Memo Printout  

a. RPT20-004 Vicinity Map with labels  

b. RPT20-004 Aerial with labels  

c. RPT20-004 Revision of Plat  

d. Whispering Rock approved Final Plat 

Mayor Mengarelli recused himself from this item.

This new alignment will create a much safer ingress and outgress to the church there. 

The signalization on Willow Creek Road will be paid for by the developer and the City. 

Passes 6-0

L. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2020-1712 and Resolution No. 2020-1737, Amending City Code, Section 2-1-8 UTILITIES DIVISION; PROVISION OF WATER TO AREAS OUTSIDE OF THE CITY LIMITS; RULES AND REGULATIONS **This change to city code will only allow for new water connections outside of city limits pursuant to an Intergovernmental Agreement with another public entity and are subject to rules and regulations adopted by Council**  

Council Memo Printout  

a. 2-1-8 Water Outside of the City - Redlines  

b. Ordinance No. 2020-1712  

c. Resolution No. 2020 -1737 

This only allows for water outside the city limits for Intergovernmental Agreements.

Councilman Phil Goode asks that this item be tabled until the public at large have a longer period of time until public participation in person is allowed.

"Does this have to be done? I'm not sure it has to be done. Number 2, does this have to be done now? I'm not sure it has to be done now," Councilman Goode states. "It's inappropriate to consider this today."

Councilwoman Rusing is in complete agreement with Councilman Goode. She is suggesting the Council wait until June to vote on this.

Councilman Goode moves to table this issue to a future time when they can have more public input. Attorney Paladini suggests you table it until a date certain, or a date not earlier than.

Goode suggests it be tabled until it can be discussed with a full meeting without COVID-19 restrictions.

Mayor Pro Tem points out that there is a church in Chino Valley that does not have fire service, when the City's water goes right in front of the building.

Rusing, "I truly sympathize with Chino's plight, but with that in mind, we should not take this lightly...This will be a travesty, this will be the tipping point."

"Well overplayed, Councilwoman Rusing," Mayor Mengarelli states with apparent annoyance.

"I'm sorry, Councilwoman Rusing, that is totally ingenuous to state that... To say that this policy is going to allow us to serve water outside the City Limits is false," Councilwoman Scholl states strongly. "This is not a blanket policy, it is a code change," she continued. 

"The whole idea is a joke, transparency is only used by people that don't want us to go forward," Blair states. "It has to come back to the City to consider every single time. The idea that this is going to open the door to us becoming 'North Phoenix' is absolutely bizarre to me," Blair said. 

Councilman Blair asks how many meetings have been held on this? Clyde answers, "Probably 20?"


Patricia Uraro (?): As a Chino Valley homeowner who has been a resident for 20 years, I vote 'Nay.' I live of a well, I would prefer not to be surrounded by Crackerjack box homes. 

Howard Mechanic: Two major problems with this proposal, 1) The substance, 2) The timing. "This... Takes us further from safe yield."

Ralph Hess: I urge you to table this amendment until the public can participate.

 Motion to table the item - Motion fails 4-3 (Goode, Rusing and Scholl in the minority.)

Motions for Ordinance and Resolution both pass 5-2 (Goode and Rusing in the minority.)


M. Adoption of Resolution No. 2020-1743 Approving City Contract No. 2020-185 an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Town of Chino Valley to Provide Water for Commercial Uses.  

Council Memo Printout  

a. Resolution 2020-1743  

b. Attachment 1 - City Contract 2020-185 - CV IGA 

They have called Cecelia, the Town Manager of Chino Valley for this item. 

"Today, you have an opportunity to change that, to begin working together with Chino Valley," City Attorney Clyde explains. 

This will only apply to commercial water needs basically along the 89 corridor. It will not cost the City of Prescott anything, because the entities will pay the full cost implementation. 

"It interests me to see the angst surrounding this... It is entirely asanine," Mayor Mengarelli says vehemently. "The opposition on this... I'm lost on it, I'm absolutely lost." 

Councilwoman Rusing asks why the Town of Chino Valley voted down a water element of a previous election? Cecelia doesn't have a clear answer. She asks why there wasn't more transparency in Chino Valley regarding this issue.

Councilwoman Rusing asks if a Church that is interested in this matter understands they will have to abandon their well. 

"To dictate to another municipality what they can do with economic development... It has to be frustrating for Chino. This is a great opportunity to talk about regional cooperation."

"As Clyde alluded to, there is a lot of water under the bridge, there has been a lot of angst," City Manager Michael Lamar said. 

"The folks that made comments on the last item, they all see bogeymen behind every door... I don't live my life that way," Councilman Sischka said.

"I am totally for this situation," Sischka said.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr, "I'm very proud that what we're doing today... We're all in this together, I can't imagine the negatives on this at all."

Rusing asks another question, "Councilman Sischka has a financial interest in this matter, should he recuse himself."

Attorney Clyde, "This is a generally applicable IGA, you don't have to recuse yourself."

Councilman Goode makes a couple of technical suggestions. 

The water agreement calls for the Town of Chino Valley and the City of Prescott to split the recharge credits equally. The City of Prescott cannot require a sewer hookup, because there is not a sewer line from Prescott in this locality. 


Comments from Ralph Hess, Leslie Hoy and Howard Mechanic were sent in.

Attorney Clyde responds to some of the questions - Impact Fees will still be charged. 

Motion passes 6-1, Rusing in opposition. 

N. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-187 and Night Work with Asphalt Paving & Supply, Inc for the Wilkinson Drive Pavement Improvement Project, in the Amount of $589,521.00. Funding is Available in the Streets Fund.  

Council Memo Printout  

a. Vicinity Map

 This is simply a pavement improvement project in the airport vicinity.

The pavement is in dire need of reconstruction. It will recycle and reuse the existing 25 year old pavement as subgrade. It will be pulverized in place, added to existing asphalt.

The top layer of asphalt will be rubberized mix. 491 tires in that mix.

Estimated cost savings of about $80K on project.


 Councilwoman Rusing asks about the finances for this project, in light of COVID-19 issues. "Do you feel this is absolutely critical that it be done now?"

Craig replies, "Absolutely. We have reviewed existing funding... The funding is already in place for the projects we are doing."

Councilman Sischka asks if this is from the roads fund? Yes. Has the money already been set aside for this project? Yes. "It can't be co-mingled with any funds, and the money is there."

Mayor Pro Tem notes that this project is going to be a gamechanger.

Councilman Blair compliments the design of the project.

Motion passes unanimously. 

Nightwork is also approved unanimously. 

Quote: Benjamin Franklin, "They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety, deserve neither liberty or safety."


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