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COVID-19 Spreads Quickly in Yavapai County

05 May 2020  

Two current incidents of COVID-19 spread in Yavapai County illustrate just how contagious this virus is. 

The Yavapai County Community Health Services (YCCHS) announced on Sunday, May 3 that there were 91 confirmed COVID-19 cases. By Monday, that number had jumped to 128. 

A big part of that reason was due to an outbreak at Mingus Mountain Academy. According to Terri Farneti, the YCCHS Public Health Coordinator, Yavapai Regional Medical Center tested 64 at the Mingus Mountain Academy. Of those, 42 students and 2 staff tested positive. Mingus Mountain released a statement: 

"At Mingus Mountain Academy, we have continued to take steps to mitigate the risks of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Unfortunately, despite those efforts, we are currently addressing a cluster of cases on our campus. We are grateful that thus far no one is showing any severe symptoms of the disease. However, we are monitoring the situation closely, and students and staff with positive test results are currently in isolation and receiving the best care possible. We wish them all a speedy recovery.

"As always, the health and safety of our students and employees remains our top priority. We are very appreciative of the support of our county public health officials and continue to follow all public health and CDC guidance for COVID-19. Our program is following a stringent screening process for all individuals on our campus to confirm no one else is showing potential symptoms of this virus. We also continue to keep our referral partners informed and are committed to taking whatever steps necessary to prevent further spread of this virus at Mingus."

On May 1, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) announced that a part-time contract employee and counselor in the Camp Verde Detention Center passed away on April 27. During his hospital stay, he tested positive for COVID-19. Sheriff Mascher immediately directed staff to consider who had come into contact with this employee. 

Another jail support staff member tested positive on April 30, and was immediately quarantined. 

Today, the YCSO announced that five additional COVID-19 cases have been confirmed. 

"A majority of the employees who tested positive noted that symptoms were relatively minor with at least one appearing asymptomatic. Contact tracing for those quarantined employees is underway and includes detention staff, inmates, and family members  if necessary.

At this point, no inmates have tested positive. 

In the meantime, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a strategy for discontinuing isolation. 

Symptom-Based Strategy to Discontinue Isolation 

In the context of community transmission, continued testing is impractical. Current available evidence suggests relying on time-since-illness-onset and time-since-recovery to establish the end of isolation. Practical application of a symptom-based strategy cannot prevent all infections.



Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.