Today: Jul 10 , 2020
City Selects Candidate to Fill Community Outreach Manager Position

On Tuesday, the Prescott City Council will set aside part of their study session to consider a water allocation request for the Granite Dells Estates project.

The case of Riley vs. City of Prescott, Kuykendall is now in the jury’s hands.

It's a busy day at City Hall today. All the excitement starts at 1 PM.

Would you like to get to know the new Prescott City Manager? Have questions, or suggestions you’d like to pass on?

Help The City of Prescott Improve the Airport, Take the Survey

Alison Zelms accepts Deputy City Manager position in Mankato, MN

City of Prescott and the Prescott Area Economic Developers Win Golden Prospector and Award of Merit Recognizing Excellence in Economic Development

The City of Prescott has been invited to partner with NASA. 

The Prescott City Council has made their final decision on the new City Manager and staff is now negotiating the contract, according to Councilman Jim Lamerson.

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