Today: Apr 03 , 2020

Lion Fire 6 Miles South of Crown King

A wildfire near Crown King is being closely monitored.

Information is sketchy at this time, but a wildfire is threatening the community of Cordes Lakes at this time, according to various law enforcement sources. 

Remember To Put Out Your Campfire

Cleator Fire - Afternoon Update @ 4 PM

The Cleator Fire has Spread, but It Is Halfway Contained

There is a wildland fire near Cleator, although there are currently no values at risk.  

Wildfire on Powerline Road. 

Small Wildfire Result of Burning Trash

Fire in Dewey-Humboldt is a “Reminder to Folks, Burning Trash, Cardboard or Paper is Not Allowed” and You Need a Permit

Flake Secures Forest Service Commitment to Work with Arizona on Wildfire Mitigation

Early detection of wildfires offers a fighting chance

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