Today: Apr 02 , 2020


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Mind Matters: Elusive Sleep

How do I get enough sleep without taking pills?

Mind Matters: What If I'm Un-Hypnotizable?

I was told I can’t be hypnotized. Now what?

Ask Dr. Elaine: Motivation & Laziness

Are you lazy, or just not motivated? What’s the difference?

Anxiety should not be ignored, but there are methods to help.

Mind Matters: Hypnotist vs. Hypnotherapist

All about hypnotherapists and hypnotists.

Mind Matters: Addictions - How Long?

When is an addict not an addict?

Mind Matters: People & Pets

Dr. Elaine answers questions about love between people and their pets.

Mind Matters: Diet, PTSD and Depression

Dr. Elaine answers questions about diets, PTSD and national news.

Mind Matters: Ask Dr. Elaine

Sometimes it’s tough to know how to help our loved ones. It can be even more difficult to help ourselves!