Today: Jul 06 , 2020

Gas prices drop, but still highest since 2014.

Gas prices drop slightly.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 1.6¢ per Gallon

The national average has fallen 2.9¢ per gallon.

AZ Gas Prices Up 1.2¢

Prices are up 1.2¢.

Gas Prices Drop 4.7¢ in Arizona

It’s a 4.7¢ drop. But, don’t expect it to last long.

Motorists had to put in nearly two hours of 'labor' to fill their tanks

Gas Prices Drop 1.1¢ Across Nation

Gas prices have dropped slightly in Arizona and across the nation.

Arizona Gas: Down 2¢

Gas prices drop another 2¢.

Arizona Gas Prices Fall 3¢

The Arizona gas prices drop about 3¢ per gallon.

Arizona gas prices have fallen by 4.2¢ in the past week.

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