Today: Jul 10 , 2020

Arizona Weekly Gas Price Update

Arizona gas prices are unchanged in the past week.

Gas prices are going up across the nation.

Arizona gas prices drop another 2.9¢ this week.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 5.5¢

If things keep going like this, look for continued price drops in the future.

Gas Prices Rise Slightly

Gas prices are 6.6¢ higher than they were a month ago.

Arizona Gas Prices Fall 2¢

Gas prices are 8.6¢ lower than they were a month ago.

AZ Gas Prices Fall 08¢

It’s nice to see a slight drop in gas prices.

Gas Prices on the Rise

Arizona Gas Prices up 1.6¢ per gallon this week.

Arizona Gas Prices Drop 4.9¢

Arizona gas prices drop 4.9¢, but are still much higher than the national average.

AZ Gas Prices Fall 5.1¢

Gas prices drop in Arizona.

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