Today: Jul 12 , 2020


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Anne Marie Ward will be holding meetings in Prescott and Prescott Valley.

For many health professionals the supposedly objective “science” is apparently a function of the scientist/expert’s political worldview.

Republican Party Events for December

Attending these events is an excellent way of finding out what is happening in local politics.

Judy Burges has formally announced her candidacy for one of Legislative District 1's two vacancies.

What answers would you like to have?

Highway 69 Republican Club Returns

Steve Irwin and others are bringing back the Highway 69 Republican Club.

Opinion: Slip Slidin’ Away

Can Republicans maintain political control in Arizona?


Transference found on the political landscape. 

McSally Maintains Lead Over Sinema

McSally Maintains Lead Over Sinema, Turning Out Her Voters is a Key Factor

Listen Up! Politics


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