Today: Nov 21 , 2019

Altercation at YRMC Results in Shooting

Two Prescott Men Arrested after Altercation Leads to Shooting and Intentional Ramming of Vehicles 

After Representative David Stringer’s resignation from the House, 426 pages of documents are released from the Ethics Committee.

Suspect Arrested for Theft of $25 Gift Card

 Suspect arrested for Theft of Gift Card – Suspect had access to mail – Additional charges possible 

'Routine' traffic stop by YCSO Deputy results in arrest of Bank Robbery Suspect

A Cottonwood teacher has been arrested for sexual conduct with a 17-year-old.

Copper Theft Suspects Arrested

Copper Wire thefts resulted in a loss of several thousand dollars in material and labor costs. 

Prescott Man Arrested for Aggravated Assault

Prescott man and woman arrested.

Male Juvenile Arrested For Threatening Language


P.A.N.T. Warrant Arrest Yields Drugs

Based on a tip from another AZ law enforcement agency, Margerison was arrested.

Fiduciary Fraud Suspect Arrested Again

Conservator/Fiduciary Fraud Suspect arrested, Again

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