Today: Dec 15 , 2019

Bill's Newscast: Roadwork & Postal Service

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

City of Prescott: Roadwork Updates

89 traffic will shift to the newly paved side.

Bill's Newscast: Crack Sealing Resumes

Holidays, schedule adjustments and roadwork.

Making the traffic flow smoother is ADOT’s goal. 

The heat can affect humans, pets and cars.

Bill's Newscast: Money For Libraries

Road improvements a new City Clerk for Prescott and money for local libraries.

Bill's Newscast: Road Work from City to State

Roadwork from Prescott streets to the Interstate.

Bill's Newscast: It's Arbor Day

Tree planting, money, bike riding and brush fire.

Bill's Newscast: Water, Roadwork & Fire

Arizona Supreme Court will be in Northern Arizona today.

Roadwork, Germany and Sober Living Homes on today’s newscast.

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