Today: May 25 , 2020



It's the live update of the Prescott City Council - assuming technology is smiling kindly. And in the spirit of July 4th, we'll keep our Rodeo pics this month!

Climbing and other activities on Granite Mountain and Thumb Butte will once again be open to the public starting on Wednesday.

Hungry for news regarding the Sundogs? Bill has it here, in his Daily Roundup!

Secretary of State Ken Bennett dispurses HAVA and 'Audios Chad' funds in the amount of $389,941 to the County Recorder's office.

Jose Ayala Martinez has been sentenced to a 10-year prison term for dealing in illegal drugs.

Realizing that the occupants of a purple Saturn didn't notice the smoke and flames coming out of the engine compartment a PV Police Officer told them to pull over.