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Yavapai County Fair Happenings: Choosing the Entertainment

05 January 2019  

Wait a minute! Didn’t the fair take place just a couple of months ago?

The Yavapai County Fair typically takes place within the first couple of weeks of September. After a week of taking down the last tent and folding up the final panel, the County Fair Board is back at it, planning for the following year. 

One of the first things they do, around the beginning of November, is attend the Arizona Fair Association Convention. This event offers local Fair organizers an opportunity to sample various types of entertainment. Rosalee Darby, the Yavapai County Fair General Manager, talks about her recent trip to the Arizona Fair Convention. 

According to Darby, they look at all types of entertainment from concerts and performers, to strolling acts and stage acts. 

"We sit through hours and hours of showcasing of entertainment," Darby said. "So, we very much come away with having fun!"

"It’s great, because we get to see them in action, to decide whether they are something that would really work for our fair," Darby said. "This year, we were able to book 99% of our entertainment for 2019."

One of the performers that Darby shared will be at Yavapai County Fair next year – remember, folks, you heard it here first! – is country hipster artist Coffey Anderson. "We’re excited that we’re able to book him before he becomes an icon," Darby said, referring to to the new show that Coffey will be premiering this year on Bravo TV.

Here’s a sample from Coffey Anderson, who will perform on Saturday night:

"This is a performance that we are privileged to be able to have," Darby said. She explains in the podcast why Coffey is invested in small county fairs. 

Amongst the strolling acts, there will be a magician that will also do a special performance for the day that the schools come. 

Other acts include a giant pirate ship and a Play with Giants act. 

Listen as Darby goes through some of the other entertainment you can expect at the 2019 County Fair. 

"We pride ourselves that we can bring the Fair to a family… They can come for $16 for a day for a family," Darby pointed out. That’s for 2 adults and 4 kids, by the way. "If you’re a family on a budget, pack a picnic and come."

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