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Yavapai County Fair Happenings: The Youth Auction

19 January 2019  

The Youth Auction: Animals on display!

September might as well be called the Yavapai County Fair month. This year, the fair will take place from September 5-8 at the Yavapai County Fairgrounds. 

Part of the charm of a local county fair is that every resident in the county can participate, and that includes the kids. The kids can actually show the livestock they’ve raised as well as sell their animals and make money for future education as well as other needs in the Youth Auction.

Rosie Darby is here with all the information about the Youth Auction including: 

  • What it costs to get started
  • How the County Fair uniquely helps the youth
  • What kind of animals and other items are auctioned off 

It’s a great podcast, and packed with lots of information for kids and parents alike!

Yavapai County Fair Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Lynne LaMaster

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