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Quad Cities Business Beat: A Valley of Vitality

26 January 2019  

Lynette Hoyt and San Martin Rodriguez sit down for a chat with Amanda D’Agosto of A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio. 

A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio is excited that they will celebrate their 10th anniversary this year!

Listen in as they talk about all the services provided by A Valley of Vitality!

Did you know that there are 30 different types of massage? How does CBD fit into the whole scheme of things and what do you need to know about it? What is cupping, and does it hurt? And what is an Infrared Sauna?

Everything you want to know about Massage, Vitality and Wellness is discussed on this episode of Quad Cities Business Beat. 

We can’t forget to tell you to be sure to find out more about their Valentine’s Day Gift Basket and memberships.

Valley of Vitality Website | Facebook  

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Lynne LaMaster

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