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Tucker & the Beard: The Upside!

26 January 2019  

Is this arguably the 'feel good' movie of the year?

Of course, we’re still in January, so dubbing anything "the movie of the year" is a bit premature. Ask them again in December, ok?

That being said, Tucker & the Beard sit down to go to a (non-super-hero, yes, you can believe it!) movie. It’s The Upside:

Kevin Hart plays Dell Scott, Bryan Cranston is Phillip Lacasse and Nicole Kidman plays Yvonne.

Dell has to show that he’s applying for a job in order to fulfill the terms of his parole. He accidentally finds himself interviewing for a job as an assistant to a quadriplegic man. He’s not the expected applicant, but he gets the job.

Rotten Tomatoes has a critics score of only 39% but it has an audience score of 88%. Where will Tucker & the Beard fall in?

Rating: Go See It




Lynne LaMaster

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