Today: Jul 06 , 2020

Governors who reopened their states are reversing their policies as cases of COVID-19 multiply.

Free COVID-19 Training for All Caregivers in Arizona

There is a latent demand for fake news that many critics fail to understand.

Prescott Valley and surrounding communities chose not to make masks mandatory, but rather to educate and encourage the public to follow guidelines for distancing, hand washing and masks.

Social distancing guidelines in schools will bring bigger costs to districts.

"We have a moral duty to create an immigration system that protects the lives and jobs of our citizens." - President Donald J. Trump

Bob Thorpe (R-6) points out that our governor and mayors do not have the authority to tell the citizens what to wear.

The Restaurants Act would establish a fund to provide independent Arizona restaurateurs with money to rehire workers.

17 Arizona museums, cultural venues, arts advocacy organizations, performing arts organizations and performing arts venues will require visitors to wear masks.

For many health professionals the supposedly objective “science” is apparently a function of the scientist/expert’s political worldview.

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