Today: Jan 22 , 2020

Every Vote: Counted & Accurate

Yavapai Elections Department makes sure every vote Is counted and accurately tabulated.

Bill's Newscast: About Home Rule

It’s voting day, and one of the items on the ballot is Home Rule.

Millennials Consistently Have the Lowest Election Turnout Among All Generations, and Experts Say Election Laws in Many States Aren’t Helping Young People Access the Polls

Election in November Brings New Voting Requirements in Many States Including Arizona

Candidates Talk Education

At an invitation-only event, Arizona Legislature candidates discussed educational topics.

Chip Davis Racks Up Endorsements for LD 1 Bid

From Fire Fighters to Mayors, Supervisor Chip Davis has gathered the endorsements of many well-respected political figures.

Sen. John McCain Releases Statement Condemning GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s Reaction to the Criticism He Received by the Immigrant Family of a Muslim U.S. Soldier Who Died in Battle

Bill's Newscast: Gummy Bears Not For Children

Woman Arrested for Giving Marijuana-Laced Gummy Bears to Children

The mystery of the dead fish is solved.

God's choices for leadership aren't always what you'd expect.

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