Today: May 27 , 2020

Arizona Gas Prices Drop 1.8¢

"It's becoming a bit clearer that those 99 cent per gallon gas prices from the COVID-19 pandemic are solidly behind us as gasoline demand rebounds.”

Arizona gas prices drop another 2.9¢ this week.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 9.2¢

Gas prices have dropped in Arizona, and OPEC deal is not likely to have near-term impact.

Arizona Gas Prices Fall

"The best price in the state today is $1.59/g…” but you’ll have to go to San Simon, 40 miles east of Willcox, to get that!

Most of Arizona’s gasoline comes from California. That is costly.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 5.5¢

If things keep going like this, look for continued price drops in the future.

Arizona Gas Prices Drop 5.6¢

The lowest price in Arizona today is at $2 per gallon. But where is it???

AZ Gas Prices Fall 4.2¢

But, Arizona’s gas prices are still considered the 7th most expensive in the country.

AZ Gas Prices Fall 0.6¢

Slight drop in Arizona gas prices. 

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