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Yavapai College Living Mascot Era Comes To An End

15 August 2018  
Mr, Roughrider: Tom Gammill, Athletic Director: Brad Clifford , Yavapai College President: Dr. Penny Wills, and the latest version of the Yavapai College mascot, Ole Ruff, at the ceremony at Yavapai College yesterday. Photo by Ron Williams

Roughrider costumed mascot to take over duties

Tom Gammill has been the mascot, Mr. Roughrider, for 20 years. On Tuesday, Mr. Gammill passed the torch to a student at Yavapai College to continue the Roughrider tradition.

Athletic Director Brad Clifford said, "We are excited to welcome our new Roughrider mascot! We want to thank Mr. Roughrider (Tom Gammill) for serving the athletic department for 20 years as our 'live' mascot. He will be missed, but welcome to the new Ole Ruff!!!"



Besides being the announcer and mascot for YC, Tom's passion for Organ Donor Awareness led him through the years to speak to student-athletes on the life saving benefits of such a valuable contribution to society. 

Tom, a heart transplant recipient back in 1992, says that not only did it save his life, it changed his life forever. "It gave me a second chance at life. I would travel all around the state to speak to a few people or a large group. Organ donation is so important on how many lives it can affect. Not only for the recipient, but the family and friends of those as well."


Gammill, who has been the Donate Life Arizona "Volunteer Of The Year" three times, added that his son also has benefitted from a heart transplant.

In regards to passing the saber to the new mascot, Tom said, "It was time for me to step down. I thank the college for having a retirement ceremony, and acknowledging my 20 years of volunteer service, also for all the recognition throughout the years. I got to be involved in national championships in baseball, cross country, softball, and soccer. All were very memorable."

Ron Williams

Ron Williams is the advisor, broadcaster, and sportswriter for the BBN, Badger Broadcasting Network. The BBN is a community club for high school students enrolled in the Prescott Unified School District.