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Prescott Scores Homecoming Win

09 October 2011  

Azain Brito and Isabella Colaianni are crowned the Homecoming King and Queen.

Prescott High School’s Badgers were vctorious over the Goldwater High School Bulldogs at Friday night's homecoming game.  The final score was Badgers 20 to Bulldogs 7.  The Badgers finally found their passing game, but some critical penalties cost them many yards and caused a few great plays to be called back.  The defense played well, forcing two safetys and keeping the Bulldogs penned most of the night.

On a very cold night at Bill Shepard field, bundled up alumni and students filled the stands to cheer for their team.  They were treated to a fine pre-game show featuring the Goldwater marching band playing jazzy numbers including Fever.  This was followed by troops of Cub Scouts and Webelos helping to raise the flags.

The first quarter was definitely Prescott’s.  Quarterback Brad Hall completed some fine passes, including the long one which was called back by an offensive pass interference penalty.  The first score was made by kicker Dane Campbell, a field goal for 3 points.  The offense moved the ball well on passes to Brady Mengarelli, Reed Chiapetti and Dakota Peterson.  The next points were scored by the defense, which twice caught the Bulldogs behind their own goal lines for safetys worth 2 points each.  Standout defensive players included Sterling Johnson, Kyle Morley and Norm Pitts.  The score at the end of the first quarter was Badgers 7 to Bulldogs 0.

The second quarter was filled with several inconclusive series moving the ball up and down the field.  Neither team could gain an advantage.  Near the end of the second quarter Dane Campbell’s punt was downed on Goldwater’s 1 yard line.  Goldwater showed great heart in moving the ball out to the 42 yard line, although they were helped by another costly pass interference call.

Halftime was extended as is usual for homecoming games, with a performance by the Pride of Prescott marching band.  There were also extra numbers showing off the Spirit Line doing the Hand Jive, and the Granite Mountain Middle School and Mile High Middle Schoolbands.  Then the candidates for Homecoming king and queen were carted around the field and introduced.  The four couples were Kaileigh Koons and Luis Fraine; Jazmyn Beazley and Justin Ferketich; Isabella Colaianni and Azain Brito; and Kerri Zierke and Kyle Strehle.  The winners were announced as Isabella Colianni and Azain Brito, who will reign until next year’s game.

The third quarter started well for the Bulldogs who received the ball and carried it back to the 20 yard line.  They then put together a good drive in spite of the efforts of Badger defenders Reed Chiapetti, Dustin Martin, Alex Knickerbocker and Kyle Morley.  Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, they fumbled the ball which was recovered by Badger Kalen Bierhaus.  The Badgers then replied with a drive of their own.  Quarterback Brad Hall was ably assisted by Chiapetti, Mengarelli, Cameron Kinsey, and Kaine Bayze. Mengarelli scored the Badger’s first touchdown.  After a good extra point kicked by Dane Campbell, the score was Badgers 14 to Bulldogs 0.  That score was still good at the end of the third quarter.

One pleasant feature of this game was the presence of the Goldwater H.S. band, who played various tunes throughout the game.  Since they were opposite to the home stands the home fans were able to hear well. 

The fourth quarter was marred by the malfunction of the scoreboard, which had no information at all for much of the quarter.  At the beginning of the quarter Prescott scored again on a nice run by Dakota Peterson, despite his injured leg.  The extra point try missed, leaving the score Badgers 20 to Bulldogs 0.  Once they were ahead, the Badgers opened up their game, several times trying long passes on first down and generally playing a little looser than they have been recently.

In the last 5 or 6 minutes of the game, the Goldwater offense suddenly came alive.  After intercepting a pass at the 1 yard line, they marched down the field culminating in a score by their own #7 player.  The score became Badgers 20 to Bulldogs 7.  They then tried an onside kick which was recovered by the Badgers at the 42 yard line.  After the Bulldogs intercepted a pass, they tried again to score, but their efforts were foiled by the Badger defense.  The final score was Badgers 20 to Bulldogs 7.

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